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Degreasing to prep the surface for a ceramic coating, a sealant, or a wax

New solvent chemistry breaks down oils and residues to leave a prepped surface that is then ready for a ceramic coating, polymer sealant, or traditional carnauba wax. Esoteric Panel Wipe combines several types of mild solvents to allow you to remove compounding or polishing residues, old layers of last step products/spray waxes, or coating maintenance sacrificial layers. Esoteric Panel Wipe does the best job that we've seen in removing oils while also leaving a clean surface that is ready for a new protection layer.

  • Breaks down oils and residues to leave a clean surface
  • Use during the polishing process to remove excess compound or polish in between steps
  • Use before applying any long term surface protection: ceramic coating, polymer sealant, carnauba wax
  • Remove old layers of sealant, wax, or coating maintenance sprays
  • For use on all painted surfaces of your car, including your wheels ahead of coating them
  • Made and hand-bottled by Esoteric in the USA

We're pretty picky about how well a surface prep product performs, because the cleanliness of a panel will determine how well a protection layer will bond with it. When we were trying different formulations, we landed on the formula for our Esoteric Panel Wipe because it outperformed what we considered to be best-in-class products at removing oils and residue without being as strong as something like a body shop solvent. While there are stronger solvents out there that may do a better job, they come at the cost of smelling too strong and being to volatile. Esoteric Panel Wipe meshes a light solvent that anyone can use with a strong degreaser capable of properly prepping a panel for strong bonding with protection products.

Besides the chemistry, we spent months deliberating on exactly what bottles and sprayers we wanted to use. We sourced from around the world, landing on the Italian sprayers and USA bottles that you see today. We could have gone with much cheaper plastics, but we wanted something that would be worthy of the Esoteric name. When you finish the bottle, don't throw it away! The quality of both the bottle and sprayer mean that you can continually reuse them for a long time.