Gyeon Q2 LeatherShield EVO

Gyeon Q2 LeatherShield EVO

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Gyeon Q2 LeatherShield EVO - Updated formula for 2024

Protects Any Type of Leather

Advanced quartz coating specially formulated for automotive leather. Q² LeatherShield EVO is suitable for every type of leather produced to date and does not change the finish of your upholstery. Very easy to apply, only one layer required. Repels dirt and prevents discoloration, protects against liquids and UV-rays. Updated for 2024, it remains a leader in Leather Protection with even an easier application and greater chemical resistance.

Q² LeatherShield EVO is an advanced, SiO2 (silicon dioxide) based formula, specially developed for automotive leather upholstery. It provides superb protection against dirt, UV rays and the rigors of everyday usage. Q² LeatherShield EVO is amazingly simple to apply, requiring only one layer. It’s designed for and been tested on all modern types of leather, providing great protection and no change of feel or color, leaving a fully matte finish. Q² LeatherShield EVO does not stiffen the leather or make it more slippery, maintaining the regular comfort of use.

Instructions for Using Gyeon LeatherShield

Clean leather with Q²M LeatherCleaner. Apply a moderate amount of the product with the attached suede applicator. Ensure even application. Wipe off if necessary or just leave to dry. Apply on a hardly visible part of the upholstery to test before coating.

Q² LeatherShield EVO is a coating developed for all types of leather upholstery to date. Before use on open-structure, aniline leather, proceed with a test panel and be extraordinary careful about even application.

Please note, that Q²M LeatherShield EVO is a product designed for protection and not restoration. It will not show its full abilities on old, worn or damaged leather.


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