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Gyeon Q2 QuickView


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Gyeon Q2 QuickView

Hydrophobic Glass Protectant with Easy Application

Gyeon Q2 QuickView uses the high quality chemistry of a glass-specific coating, but makes it much easier with creative packaging and built-in applicator. Use Gyeon QuickView for quick, easy application for around 6 months of durability.

Excellent Self-Cleaning and Water Beading

QuickView creates an ultra slick surface for maximum repellency of water and dirt, increasing visibility and drastically reducing how much you will need to use your windshield wipers.

The applicator stick comes with 120ml of coating, so you can expect to get many applications out of one stick.

Instructions for Best Results

  • Clean glass thoroughly with Gyeon Prep, ensuring that there are no residues on the glass
  • Using circular motions, use the QuickView applicator to work pane by pane, ensuring that you are applying an even layer
  • Let dry for at least 5 minutes
  • Lightly spritz the glass with water, then use a microfiber glass towel to remove any remaining haze from the QuickView

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