Jescar Micro Finishing Polish

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Jescar Micro Finishing Polish

We at ESOTERIC were early testers of the new line of polishes from Jescar, and once we were able to establish just how good the products were, we insisted that they ship us the product even before the finalized their packaging / labels!'s THAT good!

Designed as the follow-up step to Jescar Heavy Correction Compound, the Micro Finishing Polish removes any slight remaining haze, and brings out a tremendous amount of clarity and gloss. 

The German-made polish silicone-free, has long working times, yet wipes off very easily. You also won't get any annoying dusting when using this polish, either.

We recommend using the Micro Finishing Polish with either a Rupes Yellow Polishing Pad, or a White Finishing Pad for best results. Only 3 small drops of product per working section are required.

When you want to extract the most clarity out of your paint, then look no further than Jescar Micro Finishing Polish from ESOTERIC. 

Tip from the ESOTERIC Learning Center

When using the Micro Finishing Polish after compounding, be sure to liberally strip the surface first with Gyeon Prep to ensure all compound residue is remove. Then once you are finished polishing, do another Gyeon Prep wipedown before applying waxes, sealants, or coatings to ensure a good bond. 


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