Jescar Correcting Compound

Jescar Correcting Compound

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Jescar Correcting Compound

We at ESOTERIC were early testers of the new line of polishes from Jescar, and once we were able to establish just how good the products were, we insisted that they ship us the product even before the finalized their packaging / labels!'s THAT good! 

Most good / modern compounds are capable of heavy defect removal, but what separates the men from the boys so to speak is their ability to finish down to a high gloss. When polishing paint, you want to get as good of a finish during your compounding stage so that your final polishing looks even better. With Jescar, we have had some paints finish down so well during the compounding stage that we didn't even need to perform finish polishing. This wasn't a subjective call either...we use our Rhopoint IQ DOI meter to quantify image quality in the finish (#meterverified). When we say something finishes down well, we are drawing those conclusions on facts, not just a subjective eye.

To get the best results out of the Jescar Heavy Correction Compound, we recommend teaming it up with either a Meguiar's Microfiber Cutting Disc, or a Rupes Wool Compounding Pad. This will get you the maximum cut, and then it should be followed up with a finish polishing stage using Jescar Micro Finishing Polish and a finishing pad, or the Sonax Perfect Finish and a finishing pad.

On harder paints, the Jescar Heavy Correction Compound would work well as a one-step when teamed up with a Rupes Yellow Polishing Pad.  

German-made abrasive polishes are the absolute best in the business. It's not even worth's fact. And with Jescar Correcting Compound, you will find that it's a new reference polish in the paint correction industry. 

Tip from the ESOTERIC Learning Center

Only a small amount of product is required to achieve best results. Just 3 small drops of products per (roughly) 18" x 18" working area is all that is needed. NO pad priming...

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