Rupes Coarse Blue Wool Pad

Rupes Coarse Blue Wool Pad

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Rupes Coarse Blue Wool Compounding Pad

With a perfect blend of “old school” wool pads, and “new school” foam pads, the new Bigfoot Wool Pads have created an entirely new segment for heavy cutting pad technology.

The BigFoot Wool Pads feature natural wool fibers (dual-density for the Blue Coarse and a longer single density for the Yellow Medium) attached to color-coordinated foam supports.

By using a base layer of dense foam, it allows the pad to conform better to body contours, which results in a more effective and uniform cut.

Made for use on the Bigfoot Random Orbital machines, Gear-Driven LK900E “Mille”, and Triple-Action machines.

Here at ESOTERIC, we put these new Blue Coarse Wool Pads through extensive testing in our detailing studio, and came to the conclusion that these pads were good…extremely good! They easily met our demanding standards of a high level of cut combined with a fine finish.

For best results, couple the Rupes Coarse Blue Wool Pads with Rupes DA Coarse Compound or  Jescar Correcting Compound.

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