Rupes Medium Yellow Wool Pad

Rupes Medium Yellow Wool Pad

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Rupes Medium Yellow Wool Compounding/Polishing Pads

The plush natural wool fibers of RUPES BigFoot Yellow Medium Wool Pads make polishing effortless when used with BigFoot Random Orbital, Gear-Driven LK900E “Mille”, and Triple-Action Polishers.

Designed for a lighter level of cut than the Coarse Wool Pads, the Yellow Medium pads still provides great defect removal capabilities, with a fine finish. In most cases, only a light level of secondary polishing is required after using the Yellow Medium Wool Pads.

By using a base layer of medium-density foam, it allows the pad to conform better to body contours, which results in a more effective and uniform cut.

When testing in our shop, we were very impressed with how fine of a finish we were capable of even after a high level of paint correction. Highly recommended!

For best results, couple the Rupes Medium Yellow Wool Pads with Rupes DA Coarse Compound, Rupes DA Fine Polish, or Jescar Correcting Compound.

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