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Rhopoint IQ 20 60 RIQ, DOI Gloss Haze Meter

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  • Rhopoint IQ 20 / 60 DOI meter


Rhopoint IQ 20/60
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 Product Description

The Rhopoint IQ 20 / 60 DOI meter is the new reference in paint correction technologies!

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The Rhopoint IQ measures not only gloss but also other image quality parameters such as: DOI, Haze and RSPEC , it is the only hand held instrument that profiles how light is reflected from a surface.

Standard glossmeters only measure how much light is reflected and are not sensitive to effects which dramatically reduce appearance quality such as ; orange peel, haze effects and polishing marks which distort reflections in a surface, seriously reducing visual appearance but cannot be measured with traditional glossmeter.

  • DOI / RIQ Meter, ( quantifies orange peel )
  • Hazemeter ( reflectance haze )
  • Measures RSPEC
  • 20° glossmeter for high gloss finishes

In a single fast measurement the Rhopoint IQ captures information about the gloss and texture on a sample surface.
Combined gloss, haze and orange peel (DOI/RIQ values) information has made the IQ essential for controlling appearance finish in the paints and coatings sector, particularly for high tech., automotive and aerospace coatings.


What is the difference between the 20/60 model and the 20/60/85 model?

The 20/60 model measures high gloss, and semi-gloss surfaces. The 20/60/85 adds measurements for matte finishes.


What does the Rhopoint IQ mean to the detailing industry?

Change. BIG change!

Not only will tools like this enable the industry to quantify results, but it will also push it into modern times where subjective claims are no longer acceptable. The measurements that the IQ provides do not lie, and no amount of creative copywriting can overcome shortcomings discovered in the numbers. So by adopting this new technology, product and tool manufacturers will now have the ability to improve product development and manufacturing since subjectivity will be taken out of the equation.

And for detailers, the IQ will provide the opportunity to:

  • Evaluate finishes, and provide real data to customers. Think about how nice it would be to assign definitive improvement figures relative to levels of service!
  • Test / evaluate polishes to determine which ones actually provide a better finish.
  • Test polishing techniques.
  • Test / evaluate tools and pads. With the Rhopoint IQ, you can quantifiably measure the differences from one pad to another on a particular paint. You may not be able to see the difference between two pads, but with actual measurements (#meterverified), you know you will be producing the best finish possible...which will put you way ahead of your competition.


The Rhopoint IQ Measures

  • 20° Gloss
  • Haze
  • Distinctness of Image – DOI
  • RIQ (Reflective Image Quality)
  • RSPEC (Specular Reflection)

What is DOI ?

DOI, Distinctness of Image, is a measurement indicating the QUALITY OF THE GLOSS. How clearly can a reflected image appear.

Symptoms of poor DOI: Orange peel, brush marks, waviness or other structures visible on the surface. Poor finishing. Reflected images are distorted.

What is RSPEC ?

RSPEC is the peak gloss value over a very narrow angle.
RSPEC is very sensitive to small changes in texture and is used to identify subtle differences in surface smoothness.

What is RIQ ?

RIQ is a superior measurement to DOI with expanded capabilities.RIQ quantifies ORANGE PEEL qualitatively as well as measuring surface waviness. RIQ is a HIGH RESOLUTION DOI measurement and correlates better with human vision and perception.

Orange Peel, brush marks, waviness, cause reflected images to be distorted.

Reflectance Haze with the Rhopoint IQ

Reflectance Haze is an optical effect caused by microscopic texture or residue on a surface. A milky finish is apparent on the surface causing a loss of reflected contrast, halos and patterns can be seen around reflections of high intensity light sources..

Causes: Poor dispersion, raw material incompatibility, additive migration, vehicle quality, stoving/drying/curing conditions, polishing marks, fine scratches, ageing, oxidisation, poor cleanliness/surface residue.


A measurement proportional to the amount of light reflected from a surface.

Geometry: For best results the correct measurement geometry should be chosen based on the reflectance of the material. 20° is the ideal angle to measure high gloss surfaces such as automotive finishes.


The Rhopoint IQ quantifies surface quality problems that are invisible to a standard glossmeter

The Rhopoint IQ goes beyond gloss measurement by differentiating between two samples with EQUAL GLOSS VALUES. This is achieved by measuring the image quality ( is it like a mirror ?), it is the only hand held instrument that profiles how light is reflected from a surface, thus presenting you with the easily understood information to show you the better sample being measured.

Standard glossmeters only measure how much light is reflected and are not sensitive to effects which dramatically reduce appearance quality. The Rhopoint IQ DOI "Distinctness of Image" Quality Meter easily accomplishes the measurement of appearance. Information is displayed with one value, not multiple confusing values, but immediately and easily seen.

Below is a perfect example as to why a standard gloss meter can provide us with a false sense of security, and fall short of giving us a true indication on how good a painted surface really looks. Both of these pieces started out with almost identical gloss readings! But having said that, I don’t know anybody (who has good vision) that would say that they look equally as good. The piece on the left has so much texture and orange peel (waviness) in the finish that the reflections are distorted and hazy. The finish on the right has been leveled and polished to remove both texture and orange peel, providing a very clear reflection. If you were to rely on a simple gloss meter, it would seriously fall short of telling you the whole story.



Here are the readings before and after photos (#thenew5050) showing the meter readings. You will see that the difference in gloss is only one tenth of one percent, but the big changes are with the other readings. The RIQ (Reflective Image Quality) went from 77.1 to 95.7…a 24.1% improvement. RSPEC went from a very low 56.6 to 83.5…a 47.5% improvement. Those are very significant increases in image quality and clarity.





For a full write-up and additional information, please be sure to read our article: Gloss Meters and Automotive Paint

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Rhopoint IQ - Gloss, Haze, DOI Meter
  • Rhopoint IQ - Gloss, Haze, DOI Meter
    Instrument to quantify effects such as orange peel on high glo...

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