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PA High Gloss
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HIGH GLOSS is the most effective gloss enhancer on the market. It is composed of special polymers, silica, and an extremely high content of titania, the most reflective element known to man.

Expect months of durability. HIGH GLOSS can be used as a drying aid, maintenance spray, or standalone sealant with good prep.

HIGH GLOSS can be safely used as a maintenance product / topper to coated vehicles, or as a standalone.

If you like a high gloss level on your car, and love tight water beading / strong hydrophobic properties, then you'll love HIGH GLOSS. 


  1. Shake well before use
  2. Spray a very small amount onto the paint surface or into a high quality microfiber towel
  3. Wipe until product is spread thin and evenly
  4. Remove any remaining residue with a separate microfiber towel
  5. Since HIGH GLOSS is a color-charged product, we recommend wearing protective gloves when using to prevent temporary staining on your fingers! 

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  • 4
    Nice product

    Posted by MM on 15th Dec 2019

    Easy to apply and works well. Looks good on my 10 yr old BMW 535xit. Just applied 2nd coat. and car could pass for almost new

  • 5
    Shines Like a Jewel

    Posted by P Millen on 4th Jul 2019

    My Magma Red truck seems to change color from black to root beer to deep red depending on the light. High Gloss makes it look so good that people stop me and comment. The Service Writer at the dealership told me, “It shines like a jewel.”

    I think–
    ● The spray pump needed a firm squeeze to spray properly
    ● The deep purple color on the application cloth was a surprise, but it isn’t at all visible on the truck when wet or cured
    ● It doesn’t go on or buff off as slippery as a high silicone product might and it doesn’t seem as hydrophobic
    ● It’s equally effective on paint, glass, chrome or black bumper inserts
    ● Bug splatters wash off easily
    ● It produces a shine that’s better than anything I’ve seen

  • 5
    Great gloss and easy to use!

    Posted by Jeff on 29th May 2018

    I ordered this over the winter and finally got to use it recently. Extremely easy to apply with the recommended esoteric red mircrofiber towels. Left a great gloss look on my jet black paint with no streaking. The spray nozzle was defective (it may have sat unused for too long), but I had an extra nozzle that worked fine.

  • 5
    LOVE this stuff!

    Posted by steeler560 on 1st Mar 2018

    Applied Polish Angel High Gloss to a black finish and looks amazing. Have been using Miyabi Overcoat but this seems to go on thicker and wipe off easier. Left a very even shine and hydrophobic finish to the car. I’m hooked!