POLISHANGEL Fabric Coat Spritz

POLISHANGEL Fabric Coat Spritz


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PA Fabric Coat Spritz
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POLISHANGEL Fabric Coat Spritz

Fabric Coat Spritz is a wonderfully easy way to protect various interior and exterior textiles! Simply spray on a layer or 2 after cleaning the surface and it will protect for up to 12 months.

Safe for fabric, leather and vinyl, it works equally as well on convertible tops.


For Fabric & Convertible Tops:

  • Spray on fabric in 2-3 layers. For best durability, work Fabric Coat Spritz into the fabric with a brush. Allow 24 hours to cure.

For Leather/Vinyl:

  • Apply with an applicator pad then remove residue with a clean microfiber towel. Allow 6 hours to cure.



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