POLISHANGEL Primer + Cosmic Spritz Kit

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PA Primer/Cosmic Spritz Kit
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Product Overview

POLISHANGEL Primer Spritz + Cosmic Spritz Kit

At Esoteric, we are always looking for new ways to listen to our customers and solve their problems. The Primer Spritz & Cosmic Spritz combination allow DIY detailers to have a long-lasting, durable layer of protection without having to get into ceramic coatings.

Included in the Primer Spritz & Cosmic Spritz Kit


POLISHANGEL Primer Spritz was designed to remove oils and contaminants, leaving behind a hardener that works in cooperation with POLISHANGEL's Cosmic Spritz to create a longer lasting layer of protection. Primer Spritz can be used as a dedicated protective product with Cosmic Spritz, or it can be used on top of a quartz coating with Cosmic Spritz on top.

Primer Spritz should be seen as a product that removes residues that are left over after a wash or paint correction in preparation for the applicator of POLISHANGEL Cosmic Spritz. Simply use Primer Spritz to wipe down the entirety of your vehicle, then apply Cosmic Spritz afterwards. This combination should last around 10-12 months, with reapplication of Cosmic Spritz every 1-2 months.

Primer Spritz Instructions

  1. Shake well before use
  2. Spray Primer Spritz directly on the surface of your paintwork or onto one of the supplied Esoteric Red Towels
  3. Wipe product in with an Esoteric Red Towel, allowing it to remove any residues that are present
  4. Once finished applying Primer Spritz around entire vehicle, use Cosmic Spritz to leave durable layer of protection


Here at ESOTERIC, we have been testing and evaluating Cosmic Spritz for years now before finally carrying the POLISHANGEL brand. We have found it to be the perfect maintenance product for coated vehicles, and it works equally well to add a "freshly waxed" look and feel to a vehicle that has no protection. While Cosmic Spritz will last on its own for 4-6 months, we actually like to use it every few washes just to ensure we have a strong layer of protection on the vehicle.

Cosmic Spritz Instructions

  1. Shake well before use
  2. Spray a very small amount onto the paint surface or onto one of the supplied Esoteric Red Towels
  3. Wipe until product in spread thin and evenly, using the Esoteric Red Towel
  4. Remove any remaining residue with a separate Esoteric Red Towel

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