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Here at ESOTERIC, we have been testing and evaluating Cosmic Spritz for years now before finally carrying the POLISHANGEL brand. We have found it to be the perfect maintenance product for coated vehicles, and it works equally well to add a "freshly waxed" look and feel to a vehicle that has no protection. While Cosmic Spritz will last on its own for 4-6 months, we actually like to use it every few washes just to ensure we have a strong layer of protection on the vehicle.

And if you're like us, and like tight water beading and strong hydrophobic properties, then you'll love Cosmic Spritz!

Super-easy to use, great gloss enhancement, and insane water beading...

Cosmic Spritz has a very high concentration Silica and Titanium Dioxide. Silica produces an extremely hard durable surface that protects against corrosion. Titanium dioxide provides extreme shine and color transparency.

Cosmic Spritz requires only a minimal amount of product to be effective, and leaves no residue on the plastic parts. Can be used as a drying aid.

Cosmic Spritz can be used either as a maintenance topper for coated vehicles, or as a standalone protectant with 4-6 months of durability.


  1. Wash and dry your vehicle
  2. Shake WELL before use
  3. Spray a very small amount onto the paint surface or into a high quality microfiber towel
  4. Wipe until product is spread thin and evenly
  5. Remove any remaining residue with a separate microfiber towel

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