POLISHANGEL High Gloss Paste Wax & Spray Kit

POLISHANGEL High Gloss Paste Wax & Spray Kit

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POLISHANGEL High Gloss Paste Wax & High Gloss Spray Kit

For the maximum in modern technology, meshed with the experience of traditional wax

POLISHANGEL High Gloss Paste Wax takes the chemistry of the sprayable POLISHANGEL High Gloss and molds it into an incredibly easy-to-use paste wax.

High Gloss Paste Wax was designed for those of you who want the feel and look and feel of a traditional carnauba wax, but with more durability and longevity than what typical carnauba paste waxes can offer. As with all POLISHANGEL products, you will not only get excellent results, but you will enjoy the process while applying it to your car.

In our testing here in the ESOTERIC detailing studios, we have found the High Gloss Paste Wax to offer one of the absolute most brilliant finishes we have ever encountered (even on white!)...be it wax, sealant, or coating! Additionally, it leaves the finish ridiculously slick, with fantastic hydrophobic properties. If you like the process of waxing, and want the ultimate in looks, the POLISHANGEL High Gloss Paste Wax was developed for you. 

Use with High Gloss Spray for High Shine

In between applying High Gloss Paste Wax every 3-4 months, look to use POLISHANGEL High Gloss around once per month after washing your vehicle for an extension of gloss and durability.

Included in the Kit


  1. Use the foam applicator to apply a very thin layer of High Gloss Paste Wax to the surface of your vehicle
  2. Apply in straight lines with light pressure
  3. Apply to all panels of the vehicle, then begin wiping off the wax where you initially started applying it (you want the product to sit on surface for 15-20 minutes before removing). 
  4. Use two Esoteric Red Towels to remove all remaining residue, buffing off the wax residue in light, circular motions
  5. Let the High Gloss Paste Wax sit for 2-3 hours, then apply High Gloss Spray
  6. Apply a light amount to an Esoteric Red Towel, then lightly wipe the product onto a panel
  7. Using a second Esoteric Red Towel, lightly buff off any residue
  8. Continue one panel at a time until you have covered each panel

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