POLISHANGEL Jubilee + Rapidwaxx Ultimate Wax Kit

POLISHANGEL Jubilee + Rapidwaxx Ultimate Wax Kit

Price: $328.95 - $349.95

POLISHANGEL Jubilee & Rapidwaxx Ultimate Carnauba Wax Kit

Included in the Ultimate Carnauba Wax Kit

POLISHANGEL Jubilee Paste Wax is made up of the highest grade blends of yellow and white carnauba in a formula that is one of the easiest we have ever seen at ESOTERIC! Jubilee Paste Wax is perfect for those who still love the feel and experience of applying a traditional paste wax to their cars.

Here at ESOTERIC, we've been using some of the world's best carnauba waxes for years and years. With that experience, we were blown away by the value of quality of the wax that is found in POLISHANGEL's Jubilee Paste Wax. Equivalent waxes from other companies can cost upwards of $500+, which is why Jubilee is such an unbelievable bargain.

POLISHANGEL Rapidwaxx is an easy and quick way to give your car a waxed look without the difficulty of actually applying a layer of wax. In this kit, Rapidwaxx serves to provide an easy 2nd layer of carnauba on top of the base layer of Jubilee Paste Wax.

Directions for Layering Jubilee and Rapidwaxx

  1. Use the included Foam Applicator to apply a VERY thin layer of Jubilee Paste Wax to the surface of your clean vehicle
  2. Apply in straight lines with light pressure
  3. Apply to all panels of the vehicle, then begin wiping off the wax where you initially started applying it
    • You should wait no more than 1 hour to wipe off the wax residue
  4. Use the included Esoteric Red Towels to remove all residue, buffing off the wax residue in light, circular motions
  5. Wait 2-3 hours, then use POLISHANGEL Rapidwaxx to apply a light layer of product with the included Esoteric Red Towels
  6. Working one panel at a time, apply Rapidwaxx, then use a clean Esoteric Red Towel to lightly buff off the remaining residue
  7. Go forward, after each wash of your car, apply a very light layer of Rapidwaxx to top-up the protection of the base layer of Jubilee Paste Wax
  8. This combination of Jubilee and Rapidwaxx should last around 2-3 months on a daily-driven car

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