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PA Rapidwaxx
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POLISHANGEL Rapidwaxx is an easy and quick way to give your car a waxed look without the difficulty of actually applying a layer of wax. Rapidwaxx gives your vehicle an incredible shine and smoothness, while enhancing the color of your vehicle from the active carnauba ingredients.

For those that love the look of a freshly waxed vehicle, POLISHANGEL Rapidwaxx will provide an incredibly easy solution that will last several months, even on a daily-driven vehicle!


  1. Shake well before use
  2. Spray a very small amount onto a soft, microfiber towel or directly onto the surface of your paintwork
  3. Wipe until product is spread thin and evenly on the surface of one panel
  4. Immediately buff off any residue with a second microfiber towel, buffing in straight line motions

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