POLISHANGEL Carnauba Creation "2013" Bespoke Paste Wax

POLISHANGEL Carnauba Creation "2013" Bespoke Paste Wax


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PA 2013 Carnauba Creation Wax
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POLISHANGEL "2013" Carnauba Creation Paste Wax, Made to Order

Rare & Exquisitely Formed

Think of the "2013" Carnauba Creation Paste Wax as a specific vintage of a fine wine. This "2013" Carnauba Creation is a specific blend of White Carnauba Wax (70% by volume) that was formulated by Alois Meier, founder of POLISHANGEL. It aims to provide unbelievable gloss, unparalleled user experience, and a throwback to a bespoke, handmade product from the old world.

"2013" Carnauba Creation Paste Wax is perfect for a discerning car owner who treasures his/her cars like artwork.

Made to Order

All "2013" Carnauba Creation Waxes are handmade to order, and will ship as soon as they are completed at POLISHANGEL.

The "2013" Carnauba Creation Wax comes in a glass jar encased in an Oak treasure case with gold plated hinges and hardware.

  • Carnauba content: 70% White Carnauba
  • Size: 150ml, which is easily enough to get at least 10 full applications
  • Storage: Store "2013" Carnauba Creation at around 45°F. Allow the wax to sit for around 2-3 hours at room temperature before using.


  1. Use the POLISHANGEL Finishing Applicator to apply a VERY thin layer of the "2013" Carnauba Creation Wax to the surface of your vehicle
  2. Apply in straight lines with light pressure
  3. Apply to all panels of the vehicle, then begin wiping off the wax where you initially started applying it
    • You should wait no more than 1 hour to wipe off the wax residue 
  4. Use 2 high quality microfiber towels to remove all residue, buffing off the wax residue in light, circular motions

 This product usually ships within 2-3 weeks from Germany, but we will provide shipping notifications as we receive them from POLISHANGEL. This is a custom made, one-off product that is non-refundable.

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