Rhopoint IQ 20/60 DOI Gloss & Haze Meter

Rhopoint IQ 20/60 DOI Gloss & Haze Meter

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Rhopoint IQ DOI, RIQ, Haze, RSPEC, and Gloss Meter

While typically associated with high end detailers who are trying to extract the highest level of clarity and gloss from automotive paint, the gloss meter is used to measure shine or luster on a smooth surface. The person(s) using these meters are typically looking for a certain range or standard that indicates a high level, or “good” reading, or they are looking for comparative readings to indicate percentages of increase in gloss ranges.

Gloss meters are good for providing at least some level of qualitative results, as opposed to the all-too-common method of standing back and saying: “yeah…it looks good!”. The detailing industry is overly subjective when determining how good a car looks, or how much improvement has taken place. What looks “great” to one person may only look “good” to another…and without having the ability to actually measure this, then our statements or reviews simply lack validity.

Fortunately for us budget-limited businesses in the detailing industry, we do have a tool and technology that will provide us with measurements that directly relate to what we are trying to achieve, plus a few more that aren’t available in the ultra-expensive tools used at the OEM level.

The Rhopoint IQ measures not only gloss but also other image quality parameters such as: DOI, RIQ, Haze and RSPEC , it is the only hand held instrument that profiles how light is reflected from a surface.

What the Rhopoint IQ Measures

  • 20° Gloss
  • Haze
  • Distinctness of Image – DOI
  • RIQ (Reflective Image Quality)
  • RSPEC (Specular Reflection)


DOI, Distinctness of Image, is a measurement indicating the QUALITY OF THE GLOSS. How clearly can a reflected image appear.

Symptoms of poor DOI: Orange peel, brush marks, waviness or other structures visible on the surface. Poor finishing. Reflected images are distorted.


RSPEC is the peak gloss value over a very narrow angle. RSPEC is very sensitive to small changes in texture and is used to identify subtle differences in surface smoothness.


RIQ is a superior measurement to DOI with expanded capabilities. RIQ quantifies ORANGE PEEL qualitatively as well as measuring surface waviness. RIQ is a HIGH RESOLUTION DOI measurement and correlates better with human vision and perception.

Orange Peel, brush marks, waviness, cause reflected images to be distorted.


Reflectance Haze is an optical effect caused by microscopic texture or residue on a surface. A milky finish is apparent on the surface causing a loss of reflected contrast, halos and patterns can be seen around reflections of high intensity light sources.

Causes: Poor dispersion, raw material incompatibility, additive migration, vehicle quality, stoving/drying/curing conditions, polishing marks, fine scratches, ageing, oxidization, poor cleanliness/surface residue.


A measurement proportional to the amount of light reflected from a surface.

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