Kamikaze Collection d' Elegance Wash Pad - Mini 2-Pack

Kamikaze Collection d' Elegance Wash Pad - Mini 2-Pack

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Kamikaze Collection d' Elegance Wash Pad - Mini (2-pack)

"Most luxurious feeling mitt ever. Just a joy to use." - Todd Cooperider

In response to the growing trend of washpads in Japan, Kamikaze has redeveloped their heralded d'Elegance Wash Mitt into these handy wash pads.

A member of the KIKUSUI Label collection, the scratch-free 100% Korean polyester material contains an inner-sponge with excellent water absorbency, ensuring constant saturation of the outer lining. Quality construction means no fibers in the washbucket like sheepskin media are prone to do!

Ideal for use with Kamikaze Collection's Anti-Aging Cleansing

Size: Approx 5" x 3" (2-pack)


  • Fully hand-wash mitt after use and rinse completely
  • Allow to air-dry (a Grit Guard makes a great drying platform!)

For your beloved car: The KIKUSUI LABEL is a new label designed to be used for Kamikaze-Collection-certified detailers and exclusive Concours d'Elegance detailers from all over the world. 'Kikusui' is an ancient Japanese word that also refers to chrysanthemums floating on the surface of water, and is based on a uniquely Japanese aesthetic sensibility.