Kamikaze Collection LUXE Shampoo

Kamikaze Collection LUXE Shampoo

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Kamikaze Collection LUXE Shampoo

New for 2024

Extend the life of the protection on your car

Infused with carbon nanotubes to aid in the suppression of static electricity after washing, Kamikaze Collection's newest upgrade to their maintenance shampoo is the perfect compliment to your wax, sealant or ceramic coating!

Containing no excessive surfactants, thickeners or foaming agents LUXE Shampoo will safely & effectively clean your vehicle while leaving nothing behind to interfere with your wax, sealant or coatings performance. The elimination of excessive gloss enhancing polymers or waxes ensures a clean, streak-free finish with nothing that will compromise or mask the inherent beneficial properties of your chosen protection.

Key Features

  • Maintenance shampoo designed to work with all ceramic coatings and hybrid waxes
  • Does not contain additives that leave residues (which impede water beading)
  • Actively revives the hydrophobic function of existing ceramic coatings
  • Removes inorganic contamination from paintwork
  • Using a chemical reaction, LUXE Shampoo restores the water beading function, removing inorganic contamination and even eliminating existing water spot marks.

Directions for Best Results

  • When using LUXE Shampoo in a bucket, mix 5-6 pumps worth of shampoo into a 5 gallon wash bucket, then fill the bucket about 2/3rds full with clean water.
  • If using a foam cannon, mix LUXE Shampoo in your foam cannon's reservoir bottle at a ratio of roughly 1 part soap to 5 parts water. This will produce enough foaming soap solution for around 2-3 full washes.

Version: 3.2

Size: 300ml

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