Kamikaze Door Gate Stopper

Kamikaze Door Gate Stopper

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Door Gate Stopper
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No more holding the door open with your knee to polish the edges, or propping the hood or trunk lid open using bottles of polish! The DOOR GATE STOPPER by KAMIKAZE includes a long adjustable prop rod, as well as a small fixed prop when you only need it to be opened a little. Tools like these can make life much simpler for auto detailers and paint protection film installers.


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    Nice & Functional

    Posted by KF on 5th Jul 2018

    While an item like this doesn’t really fall into the ‘necessity’ class (especially for a hobbyist), it certainly has turned out to be a nice luxury. No more holding doors open with a knee while doing upper door frames, no more DIY prop rods for trunks or hoods…it just plain makes things simpler/quicker. Both the adjustable, longer rod assembly as well as the shorter, fixed assembly come into play in a variety of circumstances, not only holding things ‘up’ for easier access but also holding panels like trunk lids ‘down’ in a position that is more comfortable and accessible.

    After using it with a few vehicles now, it’s something that I don’t really think about anymore, just grab it and keep going. If I didn’t have it, however, I think I’d miss it now that I’ve used it…it just makes things that much easier.