Leatherique Prestine Clean

Leatherique Prestine Clean

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Leatherique Prestine Clean

Prestine Clean may have floating particles when it arrives to you; this is completely normal! Prestine Clean contains fats and collagens that will blend in when shaken well.  These fats and collagens are what makes the leather feel rich and very nourished!

Leatherique Prestine Clean, when combined with Rejuvenator Oil, creates the absolute best leather care system in the business. This is not marketing hype, or paid product endorsement...it's fact within the automotive detailing, preservation, and restoration businesses. And not only that, it's been that way since 1968 when it was originally developed by George Pavlisko Sr. George and Leatherique literally wrote the book on leather care and maintenance, and to this day Leatherique is still owned and operated by the Pavlisko family (now by George, Jr.).

We at ESOTERIC have been using the Leatherique system within our detailing studios long before we ever started selling products. We use it on brand new cars to start them off right, we use it to maintain leather and give them a deep cleaning / conditioning, and we use it to preserve museum-quality vintage vehicles as well. We have tried a lot of products in the business, but we choose to use Leatherique because of the quality of the product and the results we consistently achieve. As with the other products you'll find on EsotericCarCare.com, we sell what we use, not the other way around! So when you're making your Leatherique purchase from us, you know that you've got a tremendous amount of experience behind the sale, and we can provide a level of technical support that other resellers simply cannot provide. 

Leatherique Rejuvenator and Prestine Clean can be used on any type of leather, new or old. The all-natural product is water based, and has no oil in it despite the old-timey name. Leather manufactured within the past 25 years or so does have a protective coating on it, but this coating is water resistant, NOT water-proof! Leatherique Rejuvenator deeply penetrates the hyde to clean and condition the leather. 

Prestine Clean can be used in 2 ways. First, it's designed to be a part of the system when combined with Rejuvenator Oil. Secondly, it can be used as an All-In-One leather care product (cleaner, conditioner, protectant). When you don't need a full, deep cleaning and conditioning, we recommend using Prestine Clean by itself for the quick cleanup in your car. 

How to Use Leatherique

Step 1. Vacuum the surface of the upholstered piece or interior well or use a soft brush to remove large particles of dirt, paying particular attention to seams, folds, and cracks.   

Step 2. Apply the Rejuvenator Oil liberally (about 4 oz. per seat) with your hands; massaging the oil well into all the surfaces and natural folds of the leather, this puts natural ingredients, not harsh cleaner, back into the leather and forces out dirt.  You may also use a soft sea sponge, terry cloth applicator, or a soft paint type brush.  Also apply the Rejuvenator Oil liberally nearer the stitched areas as the conditioner will be able to migrate laterally well into the hide.  Park the car in the sun with the windows rolled up to create a “steam room” for as long as practical, several hours or a day.  In cooler weather, or for long-term storage in a garage, cover the seats with plastic wrap, and “warm” with a hair dryer.  You can also put a plastic garbage bag over the seat if you need to get into the car and move it while the Rejuvenator is soaking in.  (Allow the oil to be absorbed into the fibrous side of the leather before putting the top down in a convertible.)  Direct sun is the worst enemy of any automobile interior or home upholstery.  Do not place home or office leather upholstery in direct sun.   For “cardboard hard” leather, several applications will be necessary.  Patience will be rewarded with good results.  Also keep in mind that once the process is done, the leather will continue to soften for a few weeks. 

Step 3. After the pH correct proteins and collagen from the Rejuvenator Oil have permeated back into the pores and fibers of the leather, strengthening and nourishing them, the surface may be tacky, sticky, gritty, or have a white haze.  This is simply the dirt, grime, air pollution, perspiration, salts and other toxins that have floated out of the leather to the surface.  Apply Prestine Clean by putting it in a Spray Bottle then wipe off with a SOFT lint free cloth.  For tough dirt or vinyl or vinyl tops, brush the cleaner into the grain of the leather or vinyl with a soft brush like the SONAX Textile & Leather Brush.  Let stand for a few minutes, usually by the time you are done with the next piece.  Then, after all the dirt has been removed, gently buff to a luxurious finish with a clean, dry, soft cloth.  Your car or upholstered leather piece will appreciate the “face lift” and will have the new leather smell restored.  Prestine Clean will not remove the conditioner permeated into the leather.  This process may be used on MB Tex vinyl areas to soften and condition.  Even flexibility on rubber window trim can be maintained with Prestine Clean.

Leather Facts

We strongly advise against saddle soap, as it has been known to remove the dye from the leather. Avoid products that contain petroleum or mineral oils, as they cause leather fibers to rot prematurely.   If your dye is worn away, call about our simple to use Leatherique Leather Dyes.  Our cleaner and conditioner have a capillary action.  The proteins, cleaners, and conditioners find their way deep into the pores of the leather and force out the dirt, perspiration, air pollution, unnecessary oils, and other toxins that destroy the fibers of the leather, destroying its strength and flexibility, and causing it to deteriorate. For tough, heavier stains, we do make leather cleaner to remove the stain from the surface of the leather.  The remainder of the stain will need to be “floated” out of the leather with Rejuvenator Oil.  Badly stained surfaces probably need to be re-dyed.

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