Rupes LHR12E Duetto Polisher

Rupes LHR12E Duetto Polisher

Price: $275.00

RUPES LHR12E Duetto Polisher

In sticking with the tradition of the Bigfoot system where greater cut is achieved with a large orbital throw, RUPES designed the LHR12E polisher with a 12mm throw, and a very powerful and balanced motor. The original concept was to produce a Pro-sumer machine that fit behind the popular LHR15 and LHR21 Bigfoot machines in terms of performance and pricing, but the performance of this LHR12E definitely leans more to the professional-grade machines than it does the consumer-grade ones!

The LHR12E Duetto uses standard 5" pads.

For the enthusiast detailer, the RUPES LHR12E Duetto will be the perfect solution for maintaining your prized possession as it combines a high level of performance, ease of use, and safety. And if you're a professional detailer, you'll find that the LHR12E Duetto outperforms other standard D/A polishers on the market, and it accomplishes this with much less vibration as well!

Another great feature of the RUPES LHR12E Duetto is the rubber pedestal built into the top of the unit...this allows you to securely set the machine down on the floor / bench with the pad facing up, so that you don't run the risk of it tipping over and getting dangerous dirt / debris onto the pad. If you're using another brand of polisher and try to set it on its back, you know just how easy it is to tip it over!

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