Sonax Glass Cleaner

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Sonax Glass Cleaner

SONAX Glass Cleaner removes hand prints, oils, exhaust film, cigarette film, insects, and dirt from windshields and windows. This phosphate-free formula leaves a streak-free shine for optimum visibility, and is completely safe on all types of glass, including tinted windows. Use SONAX Glass Cleaner on household glass, too.


  1. Spray Sonax Glass Cleaner directly onto windows or mirrors, or onto a glass-specific microfiber towel
  2. Agitate product on glass surfaces, allowing the glass cleaner and microfiber towel to lift away dirt and oils
  3. Use a second, dry microfiber glass towel to wipe off all remaining residue, leaving a perfectly clean window

Larger Size for 2021

Size: 750ml (25.3 oz), up from 500ml

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