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Education and Training Classes by ESOTERIC!

We at ESOTERIC have been training enthusiasts and professional detailers alike from around the globe for many years now. Even before the first Elite Detailer Academy class back in April of 2012, we had spent years of writing some of the most informative and influential educational material in the detailing industry. 

Our classes have been attended by students from over a dozen countries around the world, and we have also provided training, consulting, and product support to OEM vehicle manufacturers.

Our courses are based off of the experience we have gained in the ESOTERIC detailing studios, as well as the development work we have done with a long list of detailing product and tool manufacturers. 

Please see our list of courses available below, and if you have any additional questions relating to our classes, please feel free to contact us at:

ESOTERIC Detail Training Webinar

Special 2020 Offers

ESOTERIC Education is excited to announce the following special offers for 2020 students of the Elite Detailer Academy and a webinar for future and past students! 2020 students can select one of three amazing detailing kits that will ship out to you immediately. You will also have access to weekly live detailing webinars with Todd Cooperider.

Join others with a passion for detailing as we meet virtually every week to tackle hot topics in the industry. Lead instructor Todd Cooperider will help you navigate the changing waters of detail business, technique, products, and more.

The first webinar will tackle the current challenging economic situation our industry is facing.

Massive value mailed to you when you sign up! Select one of the below kits that will boost your detailing arsenal with some of the best products on the market.

Available Kits

POLISHANGEL Kit Complete Coating Kit RUPES LHR15 Polisher Kit
  • Cosmic Spritz 200ml
  • Master Sealant 500ml
  • Rapidwaxx 500ml
  • Supersport 200ml
  • Palladium 100ml
  • Ultrared 1000ml
  • Engine 500ml
  • 2 Esoteric Foam Applicator
  • 8 Q2M Softwipe Towels
  • 8 Yellow Towels
  • 10 Red Towels
  • ISM 1.0
  • Stance Rim Coat
  • Cosmic Spritz 200ml
  • Water Spot Remover
  • Prep 1000ml
  • Iron 500ml
  • 1 Esoteric Foam Applicator
  • 8 Red Towels
  • 6 Yellow Towels
  • 6 Purple Towels
  • Pipette 10-Pack
  • Supersport 200ml
  • Rupes LHR15 Polisher
  • 2 Cutting Pads
  • 2 Yellow Pads
  • Sonax PF 250ml
  • Jescar CC 8oz

Select any one of these when you register for the Elite Detailer Academy! We will ship out your kit IMMEDIATELY.

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