ONLINE Training - Elite Detailer Academy

ONLINE Training - Elite Detailer Academy

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ONLINE Training - The ESOTERIC Elite Detailer Academy

So you want to learn automotive detailing at a high level, but can't commit the time and resources for our 2-day in person training? If that's the case, then our ONLINE training platform is for you!

Consisting of everything that's included in our in-person training, the ONLINE version actually has even more useful topics.

The core curriculum focuses on paint correction and ceramic coating, with a total of 62 videos and 7 hours of instruction. You will not find these videos or most of these topics even discussed on YouTube.

In addition, you will get access to our Product Training segment with 26 more videos discussing the most commonly used products you will need in your arsenal. 

Our Paint Correction segment is a very intensive program that covers all aspects of machine polishing including preparation, all of the necessary techniques, and an in-depth look at tools required for the job. Students completing this course will have a strong understanding of all levels of paint correction, and how to determine which is best for the intended goals.

Our Ceramic Coating segment is a comprehensive program that addresses topics ranging from the history of coatings, and how to properly maintain them, to all of the steps involved in proper application.

NOTE: Once you enroll / purchase your course, you will receive a separate email with your login credentials to the training portal.

Online Detail Training Video Overview