Gyeon Q2M Interior Detailer

Gyeon Q2M Interior Detailer


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Q2M Interior Detailer
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GYEON Q2M Interior Detailer

Perfect for Regular Interior Cleaning and Hygiene

These days keeping your surroundings clean has a completely new meaning and may decide about the health of you and your loved ones. Gyeon Q²M Interior Detailer has an alcohol-based formula (60%), which removes the majority of organic contaminants from any surface.

Gyeon Interior Detailer is the ideal interior maintenance product to remove light grime, contaminants and leave a fresh and purify interior feel. It’s safe on leather, plastic, Alcantara, textiles, glass and all types of interior trim. It will leave a matte finish that is not greasy or sticky.

Instructions for Using Gyeon Interior Detailer

  1. Spray on a high quality microfiber towel, like the Gyeon PolishWipe EVO
  2. Clean the surface, then wipe dry with another side of the microfiber towel

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