Gyeon Q2M LeatherCoat

Gyeon Q2M LeatherCoat

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Gyeon Q2 LeatherCoat

Innovative Leather Protection

Gyeon Leather Coat is a polymer based leather protectant that will help to protect your car's leather, as well as make it easy to clean up dirt and spills.

Only one layer of Q2 Leather Coat ensures high level of protection as the coating itself is hydrophobic and repels both liquids and dirt. It also provides strong protection against UV rays, allowing to keep for a long time the freshness of colors even in hot and sunny climates.

As most of modern interior leather trims have a factory matte finish, we made sure that Q2M Leather leaves such effect and at the same time gives enormous color saturation.

Easy to Use and Durable

Q2 Leather is very easy to use. Proper surface preparation is crucial to ensure good bonding, so look to use Gyeon Leather Cleaner prior to sealing. The coating process itself requires the use of a microfiber applicator or cloth to apply an even layer, which afterwards needs to be left for at least few hours to dry and bond with the trim.

Q2 Leather is designed to protect leather trim for a maximal possible time by preventing it from dirt, sweat, salt and fats. Its hydrophobic properties and strong bonding to the surface help to protect against pollutants that may penetrate structure of your trim. Q2 Leather gives also protection against any discoloration resulting upon contact with leather belts, jackets or jeans trousers.

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