Bigboi BlowR Buddi handheld car, motorcycle, and marine dryer

Bigboi BlowR BUDDI Car Dryer

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Bigboi BLOWR BUDDI.  Car, Marine & Motorcycle Dryer.

Up to 155mph of warm, filtered air to chase water right off your paint, glass, metal, and chrome!

Introducing the BUDDI from Bigboi.

Catering for the enthusiast who wants an affordable yet high-quality & high-performance drying solution.

Australian designed, super-portable & compact, the all-new BUDDI features a powerful 1.2 HP motor that pumps out at a CRAZY 155mph warm, filtered air that will thoroughly dry your small car, motorcycle, or personal watercraft in minutes.

Only standing at 9.5" the BUDDI is the perfect drying solution to your detailing arsenal or the perfect complement to your existing Bigboi products.

*New for 2020 units: the Bigboi Buddi now comes with 2 rubber nozzles: one round nozzle and one flat nozzle.

Who is it for?

Given its performance level, many may think that the Bigboi BLOWR BUDDI is just for the professional detailer, but in fact, it's for anybody wanting to reduce the amount of time needed to wash and dry a car, while also eliminating the possibility of towel-induced marring to the finish. So if you're an automotive car care enthusiast, and like to work with the best products and tools on the market, then the BLOWR BUDDI is the perfect fit. Given the size, it's also the ultimate tools for motorcycle drying.

What are the key features and benefits?

  • Saves time and effort! Blow drying is far less time consuming (and far more effective) than towel drying.
  • Noise reduction system for a quieter operation than competitive products.
  • Safe for all surfaces, without the risk of towel-induced marring! 
  • 2 stage adjustable wind control achieving speeds up to 155mph
  • Easy changeable foam filter allowing warm safe filtered air to pass onto the paintwork.
  • The most efficient single system in the industry consisting of 950 watts (up to 1.2 HP)


  • Voltage: 120V
  • Watts: 1000W
  • Amps: 8.4A
  • 1.4 Peak Horsepower Electric Motor
  • 9 foot cord, with standard grounded plug
  • Airflow (CFM/FPM): 19,680 ft/min
  • Airspeed: up to 155mph


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  • 5
    Bigboi BUDDI is the real deal

    Posted by Doug - Greater Indianapolis on 12th Sep 2019

    I had a feeling, as soon as I unboxed my new Bigboi BlowR BUDDI Car Dryer that this was going to be a satisfying purchase. The craftsmanship and quality of this machine is apparent, even before your first use. Using the machine is a dream with warmer and higher-velocity air than I expected. For years, I have chased the leftover water on from my lug nuts, door handles and other trim but not any more, as this product does exactly what it says is supposed to do and exceeded all my expectations. It's just the thing for my wife's new Lexus NX 300 FSport, with the GIANT front grill...there's just no way to dry that thing with a towel. This bad boy made short work of that task, as well.

  • 5
    Buddi car Dryer

    Posted by Gary F on 11th Sep 2019

    Works perfect on my Harley, easy to use and makes washing my cycle a breeze. Highly recommend.

  • 5
    Big boi small blower

    Posted by Derek Streng on 23rd May 2019

    Great product and even faster shipping, within 2 days, thank you very much Todd and crew

  • 5
    BigBoi Buddi

    Posted by Kyle G on 14th May 2019

    This has a lot more power than I expected. Great portable, heated dryer. Comes with extra filter

  • 5
    Small Package, Big performance

    Posted by KF on 7th May 2019

    Rare is the occasion that something actually completely meets your expectations and in the case of the BigBoi BUDDI, it goes even farther, exceeding the expectations I had for a somewhat small air dryer. While a BlowR Pro is in my future because, well, nothing exceeds like excess, I figr’d the BUDDI would work well on our new, STEK Dynoshield-wrapped Corvette due to all the little nooks and crannies GM has kindly designed into the bodywork; the vents, grills and whatnot look pretty neat to the casual observer but when I saw them all I could think was what a pain it was gonna be to dry all those areas.

    With that in mind, ordered the BUDDI to hold me over until the PRO arrived and also because sometimes it’s just handy to have a small, easily maneuvered unit for quick drying of areas. Have used an air compressor before and while it has high velocity out of the tip, it doesn’t really have the volume to easily and quickly dry larger areas and I have to believe that the air coming out of the compressor isn’t the cleanest, driest air without the addition of dryers and filters and other stuff that likely would have cost the same as the BUDDI unit.

    Washed the car for the first time when the BUDDI arrived and grabbed it and start blowing out all of the irritating areas, the places where you *think* things are dry until you drive the car the next day and end up with water streaks here and there. With my affinity (or affliction…take your pick) for black cars, seeing it the next day brings much sadness to the otherwise joyful experience of driving a freshly washed vehicle. The BUDDI took care of these areas with ease and then, almost by accident, I started moving it to larger, flatter panels where it moved water across the surface with surprising ease. Granted, the surface was freshly wrapped, covered with Kamikaze Film Surface Coat and topped with Polish Angel Cosmic Spritz (and always will be) so the water was moving pretty easy but it still cleared the entire car in less time it would take to blot or drag with and number of twisted loop drying towels.

    Another plus to air drying in my world is that washing outside, especially in Springtime with our somewhat wooded lot, brings down various tree-detritus after the final flood rinse and the BUDDI took care of that nonsense as well. For the most part, didn’t even have to do one side then the other as the BUDDI blew stuff off of each panel without having to do the whole drivers side/passenger side dance. It was really quite surprising how big of a wallop of air this little beast can put out. The thing really is amazing; the light weight, compact size and power really make drying the car kind of like waving your hand over the panels. The BUDDI is obviously ‘punching far above its weight class’. To have something not only meet what might be your realistic expectations, but then exceeding them by such a large amount seems to be Standard Operating Procedure for the BUDDI. It does need and extension cord to increase its range but after grabbing a ceiling-mounted extension cord reel, the BUDDI now sits on a shelf ready to go and I can have that thing out in the driveway doing it’s thing in about a minute. I like clean cars, I like clean black cars but I don’t like cleaning cars all that much; having the BUDDI at hand makes things quicker and easier, all without the worry of me gooning up the black paint with a drying towel, whether blotting, dragging or wiping ‘cuz no matter how careful I am, sometimes ‘stuff happens’.

  • 5
    Bigboi BUDDI car dryer

    Posted by Scott on 19th Apr 2019

    Works great to clear rinse water from cracks and seams, and to blow off the last remnants of water from open surfaces. The BUDDI is probably a bit small for drying large expanses quickly, but it does a fabulous job on my AMG GT R

  • 5
    Big boi buddy

    Posted by Sean on 17th Apr 2019

    I am very impressed with the power this thing has. You could easily do a car or suv with no problem. I use a spotless water system so I mainly use this to get all of the water out of those places that don’t dry right away. Another thing, it’s pretty amazing for floor mats also.

  • 5
    Big boy buddy

    Posted by Charles Cofer on 10th Apr 2019

    Very good product and I would highly recommend it highly for some else.

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