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Bigboi BlowR PRO Car Dryer

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Bigboi BlowR PRO. Car, Marine & Motorcycle Dryer

Up to 179mph of warm, filtered air to chase water right off your paint, glass, metal, and chrome!

Even with our initial tests using the Bigboi BLOWR PRO, we knew that their team down in Australia had created something very special in the automotive car care arena. Then after about 6 months worth of daily use and evaluation, our opinions and experience had become so favorable on the product line that we decided to become the exclusive distributors for the USA market.

Boasting dual 1,600 watt motors, filtered and heated air, a very flexible hose, and a low amount of noise when compared to similar products on the market, the Bigboi BLOWR PRO dryer sets the standards in safe and effective automotive blow drying.

*New for 2020 units: the Bigboi BlowR Pro now comes with 2 rubber nozzles: one round nozzle and one flat nozzle.

Who is it for?

Given its performance level, many may think that the Bigboi BLOWR PRO is just for the professional detailer, but in fact, it's for anybody wanting to reduce the amount of time needed to wash and dry a car, while also eliminating the possibility of towel-induced marring to the finish. So if you're an automotive car care enthusiast, and like to work with the best products and tools on the market, then the BLOWR PRO is the perfect fit. 

What are the key features and benefits?

  • Saves time and effort! Blow drying is far less time consuming (and far more effective) than towel drying.
  • Noise reduction system for a quieter operation than competitive products.
  • Flexible, industrial-grade hose. 
  • Safe for all surfaces, without the risk of towel-induced marring! 
  • Durable casters with pivoting, and locking front wheels for ease of movement.
  • 4-stage wind control. Dual, 1,600 watt motors. A total of 8hp!
  • 1-year warranty


  • Voltage: 120V
  • Amps: 15A
    • This machine should be used on a circuit with 20A fuse
  • Watts: 1,800W
  • 7 foot cord, with standard grounded plug
  • 8.0 Horsepower Electric motors (combined)
  • Airflow (CFM/FPM): 59,200 ft/min
  • Airspeed: up to 179mph

What's in the box?

  • Bigboi BLOWR PRO
  • 3.5 meter (~11.5 feet) hose
  • 2 different tips
  • Air filter

Instructions for installing the optional wall mount:

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  • 5

    Posted by Thomas Daleke on 10th Aug 2019

    This blower is the best. When I used it around the house there was dust blowing everywhere. It cleans & drys the best I have ever seen.

  • 5
    Bigboi BlowR PRO

    Posted by John on 9th Aug 2019

    Performs as described. Dual motors! Each motor has 2 power setting delivering 4 total options. With both motors on high hold on tight!! A lot of POWER! Very satisfied! If you want the best for your car this needs to be added to your car care equipment.

  • 5
    Exceeding expectations and then some...

    Posted by KF on 11th Jun 2019

    With 2 black cars and a somewhat OCD-ish desire to keep them reasonably clean w/ as little wash-induced marring as possible (and as little effort as possible), I’ve long thought about moving to some type of air dryer. Many times I’ve had such a unit in various carts from various vendors but was never able to pull the trigger due to concerns about the quality of available units. Some looked like kludged-together, re-purposed leaf blowers, but mostly many looked like the hoses would be inferior, cheaply constructed and inevitably kinky messes.

    Although I`ve never used a competing product, I have seen and held one of the more popular choices. The hose alone on the BigBoi would make me choose it. I hate troublesome hoses and the BigBoi is much more substantial and useable in that area.

    Probably a personal thing cuz I work for a swimming pool service company and hoses are a particular thorn in my side...I gave the BigBoi Mini a quick try last fall and the minute I saw and felt the hose, I was in. Yeah, hoses bug me that much.

    In the pool biz, best analogy is Professional Grade vs. Consumer Grade. When I first saw BigBoi hose I immediately thought of the Professional Grade 50ft vac hoses we use at work. To us, they`re known as `double helix` hoses and when not stretched out, have a flatter texture, no prominent ridges between the coils. A bit heavier but far, far easier to deal with when coiling, un-coiling.

    The consumer grade are thinner walled, stiffer, more prone to tangling and harder to coil and un-coil, with a prominent ridged texture whether stretched out or at rest. They`re a bit lighter but who cares when it`s a kinky, tangled mess?

    See, I`m getting all worked up about stupid hoses. Anyway, the hose in particular was the reason I never jumped into the whole air-drying thing before...all of `em just seemed irritating to me. While the 30ft hose on the BlowrPro is a bit heavier, it`s just so much more enjoyable to use, stretched out to 30ft or in compressed to a shorter length. Like anything, all a personal preference but for me, the hose on all the other units I either saw in pictures or actually held was a deal killer.

    I've used my backpack and handheld leaf blowers before and always had the risk of banging into the car which I'm an unfortunately prone to doing. "Know thyself..." and all. Additionally, I grew weary of my air compressor, wanted more volume and w/ no filters/separators who really know what was coming outta the end of that thing?

    After giving the Mini a short trial run, it was apparent (to me anyways) that the construction, fit and finish and overall adjustability and performance of the BigBoi units was befitting of a purpose-built machine, one which could be easily used with no compromises. In fact, I was so enamored with the look and feel (quality) of the Mini that I picked up the BigBoi Buddi until the BlowrPro units came back in stock in late Spring 2019. A Mini woulda done me just fine but, as I am prone to do, nothing exceeds like excess so the BlowrPRO was a very welcome sight when delivered.

    While I went with the longer hose, the wall mount and the hose hanger I have actually not mounted to the wall yet (I’ll get there…). The BlowrPro is just so light and compact and takes up so little floor space, I’m currently quite happy to just pick it up and move it to the edge of the garage opening, at which point the hose will easily allow me to get all away around whatever car I have just washed in the driveway. The hose extends and retracts into itself w/ very little effort, making coming around the back of the car very easy. The locking casters on the front of the unit keep it in place so it’s not following me around when locked, a nice feature so I don’t end up pulling the unit into anything when I’m on the other side of the car….’cuz things like that tend to happen in my driveway. The controls are solid and have a satisfying feel when using the switch work and it’s nice they have a tiny little ‘shifter boot’ to keep dirt and debris (and water…oops!) from getting into the internals of the switches…nice touch. The filters are a breeze to change and overall, the thing is just a joy to use. Quiet too, which is nice as my window for washing cars on the weekend is 7-10am before the sun comes over the trees and puts the driveway in ‘full sun’ mode…not good for washing.

    Lots of things blow air and some obviously do it better and easier than others and this, IMO, is where the BigBoi truly excels. Drying our cars has never been easier and more effective with less chance for user mishap than with these units…and safer to boot. No more trailing streaks of water when ya drive the car the next day, no chance for catching some falling nature debris in a towel when drying and a quality, enjoyable experience all around. As I thought when giving the Mini and the Buddi a try, it’s rare sometimes to find things that exceed expectations, usually if an item just meets my expectations I’m pretty happy. But when I find stuff like the BigBoi units that far exceed my expectations, it just makes using it that much more fun. Glad I never pulled the trigger before these became available stateside as while something else mighta done the job, I doubt it would have done it as well for me as the BigBoi’s.

    Now if I could just consistently remember to have the hose end in hand before switching on the twin motors (that just plain sounds cool to say…”Twin Motors”) I’ll be good to go. While the result of that misstep is kinda entertaining to people watching, it’s just a bit disconcerting until you literally ‘get things in hand’. I’ll get there…someday.

  • 5

    Posted by Kenneth Bailey on 9th Jun 2019

    Works great. Took a few times to get the drying pattern down.

  • 5
    Worth the investment

    Posted by Adam on 2nd Jun 2019

    I was at first skeptical of making the jump to the pro unit; bur after listening to the information through Esoteric's video on the Bigboi series I decided to give it a shot. The sheer volume of air dries both motorcycles and cars better than expected. It's surprising how fast it completes the drying process compared to compressed air and drying towel.

    The two main properties of the dryer that truly stood out are;
    Quieter - The unit itself as full power is surprisingly quiet and when blowing over crevices you don't get that high pitch whistle that you get with an air line, instead it's a deeper 'whoosh'.
    Aesthetics - The unit itself simply look phenomenal. The black casing and attachments are a slightly rough, grip texture. Really nice to hold onto and you don't feel the tool will slip out of your hand on full power.

    I would say the price can be intimidating, however you really are getting value for your dollar for this unit. It may be a little overkill, yet I would rather use a more powerful unit on a lower setting than vise verse.

    Thanks Esoteric for getting this unit crated and freighted so promptly, greatly appriciated.

  • 5
    Fast Drying

    Posted by Jim Barnhart on 18th May 2019

    Power washed and used Bigboi BlowR dryer on my Range Rover all in 30 min. Love the product!

  • 5

    Posted by Shane Herrell on 15th May 2019

    Impressed with the blower. Very powerful and love the hose compared to the other big brand.

  • 5
    Fantastic tool!

    Posted by Gilles Michaud on 10th Apr 2019

    I just received this Bigboi BlowR Pro and it is a Fantastic addition to my car detailing arsenal. It is quiet and the hose is exceptional.
    Recommend this unit HIGHLY!!

  • 5
    BigBoi Pro Car Dryer

    Posted by Jed R Parish on 10th Apr 2019

    I love the power this blower puts out. Nothing can compare to the quality of the product. Still waiting for the accessories to ship. The nozzles are different than what appears in the pictures and videos. The only negative is the nozzles won't stay on and after talking to the manufacturer mine was not shipped with a clamp to hold them on. All in all this blower is the BEST!!!! well worth the wait and price.

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