ESOTERIC APC & Tire Cleaner

ESOTERIC APC & Tire Cleaner

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An actual all purpose cleaner that replaces multiple products

All purpose cleaning for your car's engine bay, tires, all weather floor mats, wheel well liners, and door jambs. Esoteric APC & Tire Cleaner has been formulated to safely clean multiple areas of your car so that you don't have to buy multiple products to get the job done.

  • Breaks down oil and grease in car engine bays and door jambs
  • Cleans tires without staining wheels, properly prepping the tire for a tire dressing
  • Cleans all season floor mats
  • Removes build up on the rubber squeegee of your car's wiper blades to prevent chatter while wiping
  • Made and hand-bottled by Esoteric in the USA

We typically tell people, "whenever a product tries to do more than one thing, it typically sacrifices performance compared to a product that is only designed to do one thing." However, once we started down the path of just trying to come up with an excellent tire cleaner, we found that the base chemistry was also used in several other products. Why is this? Product companies want to sell you as many products as they can, even though their chemistry may be the same. Esoteric APC & Tire Cleaner is created with chemistry that serves several purposes for you in one bottle: tire and rubber cleaning, plastic cleaning, degreasing. Esoteric APC & Tire Cleaner is strong enough to cut through oil under the hood, but not too strong where it stains a satin or matte finish wheel.

Besides the chemistry, we spent months deliberating on exactly what bottles and sprayers we wanted to use. We sourced from around the world, landing on the Italian sprayers and USA bottles that you see today. We could have gone with much cheaper plastics, but we wanted something that would be worthy of the Esoteric name. When you finish the bottle, don't throw it away! The quality of both the bottle and sprayer mean that you can continually reuse them for a long time.