ESOTERIC Glass Cleaner

ESOTERIC Glass Cleaner

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Glass cleaning made easy and streak-free

A glass cleaner that was built from the ground up to offer the ability to cut through dirt and oils without drying out and flashing too quickly. Esoteric Glass Cleaner was created to bridge the gap between where every other glass cleaner falls: the glass cleaner doesn't clean well enough to remove dirt and debris, or it dries out too quickly and doesn't offer enough working time to get the job done. Esoteric Glass Cleaner is an easy to use glass cleaner that can be used on all types of automotive glass, as well as around the house.

  • Cleans dirt, debris, oil, and dust from glass
  • Offers plenty of working time before slowly flashing off, leaving streak free windows
  • Safe for all types of glass, including tinted windows
  • Made, labeled, and hand-bottled by Esoteric in the USA

We're picky about clean glass, which is why we spent a lot of time trying to find the best formula for glass cleaning that allowed us the time to agitate the dirt away before drying out. Too many glass cleaners have too high of a solvent percentage (commonly isopropyl alcohol) which meant we had to work in small sections to get the level of perfection that we wanted. Our Esoteric Glass Cleaner has what we've found to be our favorite formulation of cleaning ability, tiny suds that stay hydrated while scrubbing, and flashing ability to leave a streak-free finish. To this day, the Esoteric Glass Cleaner is the best stuff we've ever used on windows.

Besides the chemistry, we spent months deliberating on exactly what bottles and sprayers we wanted to use. We sourced from around the world, landing on the Italian sprayers and USA bottles that you see today. We could have gone with much cheaper plastics, but we wanted something that would be worthy of the Esoteric name. When you finish the bottle, don't throw it away! The quality of both the bottle and sprayer mean that you can continually reuse them for a long time.

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