ESOTERIC Wheel Cleaner

ESOTERIC Wheel Cleaner

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Updated iron removing technology that clings to your wheels

A wheel cleaner with better ability to remove iron particles from your brake pads and rotors that also cleans dirt and debris from the road. Esoteric Wheel Cleaner has a more active chemical than traditional iron wheel cleaners for better ability to clean wheels with caked on brake dust.

  • Removes embedded iron particles on wheels that come from brake pads and rotors
  • Turns red when the active ingredient comes in contact with iron particles
  • Thicker consistency allows for more dwell time on the surface for the chemistry to activate for a longer time
  • Softens dirt and debris that accumulates from the road
  • Made and hand-bottled by Esoteric in the USA

We've tested everything we can find when it comes to wheel cleaners, and we were one of the first in America to use iron wheel cleaners years ago. Esoteric Wheel Cleaner isn't rewriting the history books, but it is updated the iron removing component of the wheel cleaner to something that creates a faster reaction to iron particles. You'll see this reaction 

Besides the chemistry, we spent months deliberating on exactly what bottles and sprayers we wanted to use. We sourced from around the world, landing on the Italian sprayers and USA bottles that you see today. We could have gone with much cheaper plastics, but we wanted something that would be worthy of the Esoteric name. When you finish the bottle, don't throw it away! The quality of both the bottle and sprayer mean that you can continually reuse them for a long time.

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