Keep your tires factory fresh with this easy to apply tire dressing.

Gyeon Q2M Tire Express

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Q2M Tire Express
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Gyeon Q2M Tire Express

Water Based Tire Dressing for Regular Application

Q²M Tire Express is the ultimate regular tire & rubber dressing offering fantastic looks matched with a simple, straightforward application. It will restore the “factory fresh” look of the tire and keep it for many a hundred miles.

To get the most out of the product, use it on a damp tire right after the wash. Spread it evenly and let dry. A subtle, factory fresh look will be the result. Being water based, it’s extremely easy to apply and allows both a dry and wet application. It spreads on the surface very well with just one wipe and doesn’t require rubbing into the surface like our SiO2 infused Q² Tire.

Q²M Tire Express provides a very deep, natural and matte visual effect. It builds a repellent, self cleaning layer that helps to keep the tire clean and will not diminish even during a long drive in rainy conditions.

For best results, apply Q2M Tire Express with our Premium Foam Applicators.

Q2 Tire vs. Q2M Tire Express

Gyeon now has 2 tire dressings, and here is what you need to know about each of them:

  • Gyeon Q2 Tire is quartz based, and will last longer than Q2M Tire Express. The trade-off is that Q2 Tire takes more time to apply, and requires a dwell time in order to fully absorb into the tire.
  • Gyeon Q2M Tire Express is water based, and is meant to apply thinly and cleanly in very little time. It will not last as long as Q2 Tire, but is easier to apply, in both wet or dry.