POLISHANGEL Glasscoat Shampoo

POLISHANGEL Glasscoat Shampoo


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PA Glasscoat Shampoo- 500ml
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POLISHANGEL Glasscoat Shampoo

POLISHANGEL Glasscoat Shampoo was specifically designed to wash and maintain coatings and sealants. Glasscoat Shampoo will improve the looks of the coating or sealant over time, extending the life of the protection with its built-in SiO2 component. While the gentle detergents of the soap solution safely remove dirt and debris, Glasscoat Shampoo will boost the hydrophobic, water beading characteristics on the surface of your paintwork. Afterwards, the shampoo leaves a clean, glossy finish that is free of any streaks or residue.

POLISHANGEL Glasscoat Shampoo is extremely high-foaming, and is much more concentrated than most wash solutions. Glasscoat Shampoo can be used in a foam cannon at a ratio of 1:5 or 1:10 (1 part solution to 5/10 parts water).


  1. Shake well before use
  2. Pour about 1 cap full of Glasscoat Shampoo in your wash bucket, then fill the bucket about 2/3rds full
    • If using a foam cannon, mix Glasscoat Shampoo at a ratio of 1:5 or 1:10 in your foam cannon reservoir (1 part solution to 5/10 parts water)
  3. Thoroughly rinse your car's finish to remove as much debris and dirt as possible
  4. Using the Esoteric Wash Sponge, gently wash car with soap solution, working from the top of your car to the bottom
  5. Thoroughly rinse the car, rinsing all foam off of the car
  6. Gently dry your car, preventing any hard water spots from forming

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