POLISHANGEL Glaycolic Clay

POLISHANGEL Glaycolic Clay

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POLISHANGEL Glaycolic Clay

At Esoteric, we love the Glaycolic Clay because of the massive amount of clay that you get! It is easily able to be split off into smaller chunks when using it, allowing you to get upwards of 10 or more cars out of just one bar.

POLISHANGEL Glaycolic Clay is an incredibly high quality detailing clay aimed at removing all contaminants from the surface of your paintwork while offering little to no marring, whatsoever. Glaycolic Clay can be used on paintwork, glass, chrome, or aluminum.

Glaycolic Clay should be used in preparation for paint correction of your car, or used very lightly in preparation for applying a durable protection product. Glaycolic should always be used with a high quality clay lube like POLISHANGEL's Baby Clay Lube.

Glaycolic can be continually used until it gets overly saturated with contamination.

Size: 190 grams


  1. Mold the Glaycolic Clay into a small, flat disc
  2. Using a high quality clay lube, spray the surface of your paintwork liberally
  3. Use Glaycolic in a straight-line motion, allowing the clay to remove embedded contaminants from your paintwork
  4. Once completed, use a high quality microfiber towel to wipe away all residue

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