POLISHANGEL Decontamination Kit

POLISHANGEL Decontamination Kit

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POLISHANGEL Decontamination Kit

A complete kit for chemical and mechanical decontamination of your paint prior to polishing/paint correction & applying your favorite POLISHANGEL wax, sealant or coating!

Save on kit pricing vs purchasing items separately!

Kit Contents:

Usage Guidelines:

  • After washing the vehicle, deep clean the paint with Ultrared as noted in the product video.
  • If you find any tar, adhesive or other residue on paint surface, use Teersun Tar Remover to clean/remove it. The Rag Company 300gsm towels are great for this task!
  • Clay using plenty of Baby Clay Lube (NOTE: Do not clay if you do not plan to polish the paint!)
  • Wipe the surface down with the Primer Spritz
  • Apply your preferred POLISHANGEL finishing product!


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