PolishAngel Ultrared Pre-Wash Decontamination Solution

POLISHANGEL Ultrared Pre-Wash

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POLISHANGEL Ultrared Pre-Wash Decontamination Treatment

Makes Washing Easier and Safer

Ultrared makes your life easier by loosening dirt and debris before you even begin the wash process, making it incredibly easy to simply spray off the majority of dirt that is on your car's paintwork. With less dirt on the car, the chance of scratching your car's paint is significantly diminished, meaning your car will remain looking better, for longer.

A Strong, Safe, and Effective Pre-Wash Solution

PolishAngel Ultrared is one of the best decontaminating treatments we've ever found. Its formulation is aggressive enough to destroy grime, oily films, layers of dirt, bugs, and tar, while still being safe for sensitive surfaces such as plastic, rubber, polished aluminum and of course, painted surfaces.

On first contact, Ultrared will break up the ionic bonds in the dirt, grime and oils that are bonding them to your car's surface, allowing for them to be easily rinsed away with either a strong stream from a hose or pressure washer. After ULTRARED is rinsed, simply continue with your washing process.

*Note: Ultrared is safe for cars with quartz/ceramic/glass coatings, but will diminish or strip carnauba waxes and polymer sealants.

Directions for Best Results

  1. While car is dry, cool, and out of direct sunlight, spray PolishAngel Ultrared on the surface of your vehicle
  2. Spray liberally, getting even coverage on all body panels
  3. Let dwell for 2-3 minutes, or as long as you can without the product drying on any surface
  4. With a strong stream of water, thoroughly rinse away the product and the dirt and debris that it has broken down
  5. Use your desired wash or foaming solution to wash car, finishing by rinsing and drying.

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    Easy and effective...

    Posted by KF on 9th Sep 2019

    Living in NE Ohio there is occasion each Spring to clean and decon the nastiness of winter off of our coated vehicles, something that generally involves a good thick foam bath, a dousing in Gyeon Tar (or similar), perhaps some Gyeon Iron and a good wash, stripping down to the coating level to return it to its hydrophobic goodness. Originally I had planned to incorporate Polish Angel Ultrared into this regimen this past Spring but impatience led me to proceed before I could grab some.

    Fortunately, a new-to-us car recently came into our lives and obviously I was gonna coat it to the n-th degree with Kamikaze’s Zipang, Miyabi, Infinty Wax & Overcoat so needed to clean and strip the surface of whatever the CPO dealer had likely quickly heaped upon it. Now I was gonna get to try the Ultrared that was on the shelf. Always nice to start prep with a somewhat ‘clean’ surface so after a quick foam, hosed down the car with Ultrared. As it is safe for glass, plastic, paint, etc I just covered the whole car with it, easily done with the nice Polish Angel Spray Head. Let it dwell for a bit then a nice rinse and had a clean slate to continue with decon/prep. It left no streaking, splotches or other unsightly blemishes, rinsed easily and left surface squeaky clean with no drama or inconvenient aspects. Like all Polish Angel products, easy to use and effective. I over-used as I am prone to do and used less than half the bottle so have more to use on the next ‘victim’ that shows up for prep/coating or whatever LSP one chooses to use.

    I know that for coatings, a clean surface is essential for proper bonding and suspect that for any LSP, the cleaner the surface the better; Ultrared easily helps get down to that level. Even if chemical decon, clay and polish are next up may as well start the process with the cleanest paint you can, something that this does nicely. The fact that it is also safe for coatings makes it a winner for those seasonal/yearly cleanup of coated surface duties. Will always have a bottle around going forward, handy thing to have on the shelf.