Gyeon Q2M Clay Coarse & Mild

Gyeon Q2M Clay Coarse & Mild

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Gyeon Q2M Clay Coarse & Mild

Safe for All Types of Paint

Gyeon introduces two clay bars with different levels of contamination removal – the Q²M Clay Coarse for heavily contaminated surfaces and the daily maintenance Q²M Clay Mild. Both Gyeon clay bars are extremely chemical resistant and may be used with Q²M IronQ²M Tar removers, as well as with our highly concentrated Q²M ClayLube. At Esoteric, we've come to prefer Gyeon Clay Mild, as it is incredibly effective and lasts a long time.

Q2M Clay Mild

Q2M Clay Mild has been designed to be completely safe on all types of paint, effectively removing all types of contamination even on the softest paints. Its light color helps to spot any removed contamination and kneed the clay bar accordingly.

Q2M Clay Coarse

Q2M Clay Coarse is the fastest way to remove heavy contamination like tar, organic sediments, industrial fallout, or overspray. Recommended for use on paintwork prior to a paint correction process, as it may leave slight marring. Designed for advanced enthusiasts and detailing professionals.

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