Gyeon Q2M Tar 500ml

Gyeon Q2M Tar

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Q2M Tar 500ml
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Gyeon Q2M Tar 500ml

Safe on All Exterior Surfaces

Unlike most tar removers, Q²M Tar does not affect any exterior surfaces and is bodywork safe. It can be used on paint, glass, plastic trim, both painted and unpainted. As it is pH neutral, it can also be used to remove tar spots from bare polished lips.

Vehicles usually collect large amounts of tar and asphalt contamination during everyday use. The stronger the horsepower and the more aggressively a car is driven, the bigger an issue it becomes. Q²M Tar provides a great opportunity to speed things up as usually an overall decontamination process, which includes claying, takes a lot of time. Most contamination is simply dissolved, which allows you to obtain a smooth finish in nearly no time.


On soft or medium hard paints even the use of a mild clay may result in marring. As most contamination can be dissolved by combined usage of Q²M Tar and Q²M Iron, this product is also a great help in the maintenance of cars, which have had paint correction done in the past. It allows you to remove pollution, without leaving blemishes or scratches that otherwise would have to be removed by polishing. It does not affect the coating's hydrophobicity and durability.

Instructions for Using Gyeon Tar

Wash the whole bodywork with Q2M Bathe, rinse well and spray generously with Q²M Tar. Wait for approx. 2-4 minutes and either wash away or wipe with a damp microfiber cloth until the surface remains perfectly smooth. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid applying in direct sunlight.

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    Gyeon Tar

    Posted by Nick on 14th Nov 2018

    Amazing! Spray it on after the wash, let it sit for a minute or two and the wipe off with a clean microfiber. It was that simple.

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    Get the 4000ml the big one

    Posted by Gonzo Detailing on 29th Mar 2018

    This is great product that lives up to the hype, market and all social media get the small spray bottle coupled with large container and you will be in business and not to worry if you have enough to complete the jib

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    In addition to Tar remover, works exceeding well at coating rejuvenation as well

    Posted by KF on 26th Feb 2018

    While I have used Gyeon Tar as an actuall tar remover with excellent results, I picked some up recently to see what kind of role/effectiveness it would have in removing about 8000 miles of winter salt, brine, chemical de-icers and general winter grime from the lower sides of our most heavily used winter daily drivers. Also grabbed some Gyeon Iron to use in this process too.

    While, in my experience anyway, vehicles coated with quality products (glass/ceramic/quartz…whatever you prefer to call them) will maintain excellent levels of cleanliness and hydrophobic behavior in many harsh climates with no need for special care outside of routine maintenance. Unfortunately a NE Ohio winter really takes its toll on the lower vertical panels of the car, where most of the nastiness of winter accumulates from driving through the snow, but more importantly, driving through the harsh chemicals used to attempt to keep the roads clear. Up here, at the slightest hint of inclement winter weather, the trucks roll out on the local freeways, dousing them with all manner of goo designed to keep the roads somewhat clear. This winter has been exceptionally bad as far as winter road conditions, meaning they’ve been laying this stuff on thick and often. The car in question is my daily winter driver, prepped, corrected and coated in 9/2017. 70 miles a day on 4 of the worst freeways in town and it`s been a pretty harsh one this year. A simple bucket wash, even with Foam pre-soak/rinse cannot always get all the way to the coating, leading many to conclude that the coating has ‘failed’ in those areas.

    Have heard a bit about using Tar removers to alleviate/remove some of this grime in Spring, uncovering the base coating and allowing the hydrophobic behavior to return, uncovered from its time beneath all the grime. Well, nothing ventured, nothing gained so figr’d I’d give it a shot. While potential failure may be the case with some lesser coatings, a quality coating can endure, it just needs to be ‘unwrapped’.

    Since I hit on a 70 degrees day in `ol Cleveland last week, was perfect chance to peel away some of the salt, brine, chemical de-icer and other assorted winter grime and see if the coating is still there. Sure enough, after the first pressure rinse, the obvious hydrophobic behavior was pretty lacking on vertical side panels, approx from mid-line down. Curious as to what specific product would provide the most benefit to this whole escapade, I proceeded somewhat incrementally with products/processes to see just how effective they were. Generally for maint washes, I’ll dilute Gyeon Foam to 1:15 and still get excellent, aqueous foam outta the MTM PF22 cannon…it’s quite nice. Went a little more concentrated, about 1:5 for this task however. All products used were applied and left to dwell per product instructions.

    - Pressure Rinse
    - Gyeon Foam
    - Dry
    - Whips Wax Road Salt Remover
    - Pressure Rinse
    - Gyeon Bathe Bucket wash
    - Dry
    - Gyeon Tar on back end, sides of car, agitated a bit with a plush microfiber (which by the way, was trashed afterwards…garbage)
    - Pressure Rinse
    - Gyeon Foam
    - Pressure Rinse
    - Gyeon Bathe Bucket wash
    - Flood Rinse
    - Dry

    Spray car with rain-like nozzle, looks like everything is back to beading/sheeting as normal.

    Sides were looking weak as was back end but each step improved it and the Gyeon Tar finished the job. If I had to quantify the individual processes into general effectiveness, I’d say that all steps *prior to the application of Gyeon Tar* got me a noticeable improvement of about 50% vs just a bucket wash and the Gyeon Tar took care of the last 50%, returning the coatings sheeting/beading to what it should be, indistinguishable from the rest of the vehicle which had maintained the excellent beading and sheeting that coatings provide with just a Foam and Bucket wash.

    Unfortunately winter is likely not over here in Ohio, so I’ll probably be going through the process again, also using Gyeon Iron to decon a bit before the Gyeon Tar…or after, not sure what would be the correct order on that one.

    Now there’s certainly a lot of Tar removers out there, but I wanted to stick with Gyeon due to the fact that being a coating-centric company, their Q2 maint products were designed to work specifically for coatings, without damaging the coating itself. While there are certainly mix-and-match possibilities with respect to brands, there is something to be said for product/brand synergy so I stuck with Gyeon and have no regrets. Good stuff, even when used in an off-label kinda way.

    As a disclaimer, I'm certainly no pro, rather just a hobbyist so YMMV, but the Gyeon Tar helped return the underlying coating to its naturally performing state withoug the need for much physical interaction. Works for me.