Gyeon Q2M Tar

Gyeon Q2M Tar

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Gyeon Q2M Tar Redefined 500ml

Safe on All Exterior Surfaces

Unlike most tar removers, Gyeon Tar does not affect any exterior surfaces and is bodywork safe. It can be used on paint, glass, plastic trim, both painted and unpainted. As it is pH neutral, it can also be used to remove tar spots from bare polished lips. At Esoteric, we use Gyeon Tar every day in our detailing operation to remove tar, oil, grease, and rubber residue. It is one of our most used products!

Gyeon Tar will not effect the durability of any quartz/ceramic coating, but it will diminish waxes and sealants. After using Gyeon Tar, look to apply a light layer of your wax or sealant to top up protection again.


  1. On a clean vehicle, spray a light amount of Gyeon Tar on the affected areas that contain tar, oil, grease, etc.
  2. Wait for approx. 2-4 minutes, then lightly wipe away the remaining residue with a high quality microfiber cloth until the surface remains perfectly smooth
  3. If tar/oil/grease remains, reapply Gyeon Tar until residues are removed
  4. Avoid applying in direct sunlight

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