Gyeon Q2M Iron

Gyeon Q2M Iron


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Q2M Iron
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Gyeon Q2M Iron

Highly Effective Iron and Fallout Remover

Gyeon Q2M Iron is the most effective iron remover that we've ever tested at Esoteric, and was one of the first products we ever got our hands on in the Gyeon product line. Since 2014, we've been exclusively using Gyeon Iron in our Esoteric Detailing studio because it is simply the best!

A strong effect of coloring/re-coloring of a substance is a very accurate indicator of how much pollution it has accumulated within itself, and of how much work the product has to do. The coloring itself, as it is not the case for products of other manufacturers, which are concentrated solely on this function, in no way translates into the product's performance, though it serves to illustrate it for the users.

Gyeon Iron can be used on paint, glass, plastic, paint protection film, vinyl, and any type of powder coated or painted wheels.

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