POLISHANGEL Palladium Metal Polish

POLISHANGEL Palladium Metal Polish

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PA Palladium 100ml
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POLISHANGEL Palladium Metal Polish

  • ✓ Metal Polish
  • ✓ Removes stubborn oxidation for the perfect shine
  • ✓ Integrated cleaning function 
  • ✓ Enriched with UV blocker
  • ✓ Extremely easy to work with
  • ✓ Perfect for: brushed / unpainted aluminum, chrome, silver, gold, copper, brass, stainless steel 
  • ✓ Designed to work fast and efficiently 
  • ✓ Leaves nothing but a mirror-bright surface with perennial protection

If you're looking for a very easy to use metal polish that also leaves a level of protection, than look no further than Palladium by POLISHANGEL! 

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  • 5
    Palladium metal polish

    Posted by Shawn on 12th Oct 2019

    Excellent , my new preferred polish

  • 5
    That Polish Angel 'look'...

    Posted by KF on 16th Aug 2018

    As seems to be a consistent theme with Polish Angel products, the Palladium is a nice, easy to use item that leaves just a bit more visually than the other metal polishes I have used. Many have described various PA products as having that “Polish Angel look” and Palladium seems to be another that has a bit ‘more’ with regards to final appearances. It does extremely well at what it’s designed to do and instead of leaving just a clean, shiny finish, it produces a finish that appears to have a touch more depth and luster.

    I first used it on the quad exhaust tips of an aftermarket stainless steel exhaust on a 2004 Corvette that I have spent the last 14 years polishing with off-the-shelf metal polishes, all of which left an extremely sharp and distinct shine. Was always a nice look, drew your eyes to it, and left a typical brilliance that was always pleasing to glance at. Before using Palladium, the tips had a thin layer of the typical carbon on them, a little heavier than usual after a recent 350 mile trip. After Palladium, the original brilliance of the shine was revealed but it seemed as if the finish now had more depth and softness…a look a bit more complex than that left with previous polishes; the ‘Polish Angel look’ for sure. Hard to describe, possibly not discernible to the average bloke wandering by but it’s certainly noticeable by me. It just looks a bit more ‘luxurious’ than what I had used previously.

    I used it next on some pretty run of the mill chrome exhaust tips and while the ‘look’ wasn’t as predominant as on highly polished stainless steel, it cleaned and upped the harder look of the chrome plating on the tips in a quick and easy manner, again leaving an appearance with just a little bit more than previous polishes.

    I was kinda running out of metal on cars to use it on so I moved on to the stainless steel ladders and railings of the swimming pool and came away suitable impressed once again. So very little product, so very little effort in comparison to previous metal polishes. Curious as to just how little product I could use and obtain nice results, I took Palladium to the 2’ x 2’ stainless face of our dishwasher. Using maybe 3/4 of a standard ‘pea sized’ drop, it spread nicely over the large, flat surface and with a quick, few medium-pressure passes with a low nap microfiber towel, I was left with a rich, luxurious luster that is quite pleasing; it seems to kinda leave an almost coating-like layer of thin glass on the surface, and effect perhaps more predominant on a larger, flat surface.

    Among other things, Polish Angel lists the following attributes for Palladium:
    * Removes stubborn oxidation for the perfect shine
    * Integrated cleaning function
    * Enriched with UV blocker
    * Extremely easy to work with
    * Designed to work fast and efficiently
    * Leaves nothing but a mirror-bright surface with perennial protection

    …and it seems as if they hit on each point. Palladium, for me, took much less product and pressure to finish out nicely. Although I’ll have to wait a bit to get a true indication of the ‘protection’ aspect of Palladium, the stuff is just so easy to use that re-polishing isn’t quite the arduous, finger-cramping exercise it used to be. Product usage is far less than some of the other metal polishes I have used, it seems to buff off easier and quicker and also seems to pollute the towels you’re using a lot less than other metal polishes. You’re still going to be left with an ‘exhaust only’ set of towels but they seem to clean up better after washing, with less of the persistent black staining most metal polishes leave.

    As a result of the ‘Perennial Protection…’ component in Palladium it’s not suitable for polishing prior to coating the metal with something like Kamikaze Stance or Gyeon Rim (bonding issues) but aside from that, it seems to hit on all other points and leaves a very, very alluring finish to the surface. At $45 for 100ml, it’s certainly a bit more expensive than an off-the-shelf metal polish, which I’m guessing will be somewhat offset by how little is Palladium is needed for each job. However, for ease of use, fantastic results with a bit ‘more’ than a standard polish; it’s another Polish Angel product that elevates itself above the more common fare. And it’s a lot more fun to use than those other polishes as well, which always helps with the sometimes messy and unpleasant task of cleaning/polishing metal. I like it and it will likely result in me digging further into the Polish Angel line; have used High Gloss, Cosmic Spritz, Master Sealant and Rappidwaxx with Cosmic V2 sitting on the shelf waiting to be used. Not really sure how Polish Angel does it but all PA products I have tried are so very easy to use and truly result in a very pleasing and opulent finish, generally a step above similar products. Nice stuff, that’s for sure.