Rupes LL200 Swirl Finder Flashlight

Rupes LL200 Swirl Finder Flashlight

Price: $69.95

RUPES LL200 LED Swirl Finder Flashlight

With a 4000K color temperature and a 240 lumen LED, the LL 200 Swirl Finder Flashlight provides the optimal lighting technology for for surface inspection. The greater curvature of the optics enhances the reflection, making surface defects such as swirls & sanding marks visible for a greater variety of colors and paint types. Additionally, the adjustable amplitude & focus of the light beam can be tailored for the particular surface you're inspecting, ensuring a more precise instrument when needed while also being able to handle large-area inspections and interior detailing as well!

The rechargeable battery allows for 5hrs of operation at the greatest intensity and the larger diameter of the unit provides solid, secure comfort compared to smaller form factor lights. A padded protective case is included for storage when not in use.

Tip from Todd: The new LL200 is also an incredible tool for QC’ing PPF installations!

Charging the LL200

The first charge of your LL200 will take around 20-24 hours. The battery needs conditioned properly in this time, otherwise it may seem like it dies too quickly. After the initial 20-24 hour charge, it should only take around 5-6 hours to charge fully.


  • Dimensions: 1" x 5"
  • USB Rechargeable (included)
  • Approximately 5 hours run time
  • Micro USB Connection

Includes wrist strap, USB charging cord and protective storage case



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