Gyeon Q2M LeatherBrush

Q2M LeatherBrush
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Product Overview

Gyeon Q2M LeatherBrush

Gyeon's LeatherBrush is a safe and effective way to gently agitate your car's leather without damaging the leather or leather dye. The natural horsehair brush removes dirt effectively from the grain of the leather, and the ergonomic wooden handle has rounded edges to avoid any damage and provide good grip even while it gets wet.

For best results, use the Q2M LeatherBrush with a dedicated leather product like Gyeon LeatherCleaner. Spray LeatherCleaner on your leather upholstery, then use the Q2M LeatherBrush to lightly agitate dirt and oil out of the leather. Once done, use a soft towel like a Gyeon SoftWipe to remove the remaining moisture and dirt.