Kamikaze Collection KMKZ Amazing Glaze

Kamikaze Collection KMKZ Amazing Glaze

Kamikaze Collection

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Kamikaze Collection KMKZ Amazing Glaze
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Kamikaze Collection KMKZ Amazing Glaze

New for 2024

Kamikaze's new Amazing Glaze utilizes micro abrasives and molecular resin to not only clean and prep a surface but to also fill any small imperfections. While it will leave a thin hydrophobic layer of protection, the smaller molecular resin utilized will also allow a ceramic coating to bond on top of it if desired.

Using a smaller ceramic abrasive than their No. 5 KMKZ Cleansing product, it's a great choice to prepare a surface for those who do not wish to machine polish but desire to prep & enhance the paint surface prior to applying a ceramic coating. Additionally, it is a great choice for Paint Protection Film maintenance, especially any edges where PPF collects dirt over time.

Suitable for use on paint, metal, aluminum, gloss carbon fiber, PPF and vinyl wraps. As always, test in an inconspicuous area to ensure compatibility. Do not use on plastic trim, windows, rubber moldings or matte/satin Paint Protection Film or surfaces.


  1. Wash vehicle and dry as usual
  2. Shake bottle well
  3. Apply to a folded, short-nap microfiber towel such as an Edgeless 300gsm (a 1-2" line of product for each section should be sufficient)
  4. Spread onto the panel and then work the area in 3-4 cross-cross patterns. Do not use too much force, let the product do the work!
  5. Finish by wiping off excess with a separate microfiber towel, similar to removing any spray coating or wax.
  6. By itself, Amazing Glaze will provide approximately 1 month of protection but you may also use it as a base layer and follow up with a maintenance product like Over Coat Liquid or a ceramic coating like Miyabi Coat 2.0 or Over Coat Ceramic.

NOTE: If following up with a topcoat/coating, a wipedown with a product like Gyeon Prep prior to applying topcoat is recommended.

Contents: 300ml

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