Rupes DA Ultrafine Microfiber Pad

Rupes DA Ultrafine Microfiber Pad


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Rupes DA Ultra-Fine Microfiber Polishing Pad

The least aggressive in the Rupes Microfiber Pad lineup, the DA Ultrafine can be used in a one-step polishing process, or as a finishing pad on harder paints.

Given its relatively light cut, the DA Ultrafine Pad has a lot of versatility which will make it a popular option for DIY and Professional Detailers alike.

For All-In-One polishing, you can get a decent correction rate by teaming it up with a product like Rupes Uno Protect. Quick, easy, effective.

For One-Step polishing, pair it with Sonax Perfect Finish to achieve a high level of correction with a great finish. Slow and steady is the key to getting the most out of this combination.

And for finish-polishing after your compounding stage on harder paints, team the DA Ultrafine Pad with Rupes Uno Pure for a haze-free finish.

On a normal sized car, expect to use about 6-8, 5" pads, and about the same amount of 3” pads to achieve best results. At the end of the day fully clean out the pad with water and an All-Purpose Cleaner (APC). Work with a light brush until water rinses out clear. Spin-out as much water in the pad as you can by attaching the pad to the machine, put the head of the machine into a bucket, and then turn it on. Once most of the water is out, place the pads (preferably) on a wire rack in a clean environment so it can fully dry before storing away for next use.

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