Rupes DA COARSE Extreme Cut Microfiber Pad

Rupes DA COARSE Extreme Cut Microfiber Pad

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Rupes DA COARSE Microfiber Extreme Cut Pad

This new “Extreme Cut” Microfiber Pad from Rupes is designed for just that…extreme defect removal. Because of this, it will not typically be used as your main compounding pad. For your everyday compounding and defect removal, we recommend the Rupes DA FINE Microfiber Polishing Pad.

Why not simply use your heaviest compounding pad as your daily “go-to”? For one, paint preservation is always key in modern and responsible detailing, so we want to use the least aggressive method necessary to get the job done. Secondly, this is a very stiff pad, therefore it is not designed with contours in mind.

This level of compounding will always leave a bit of haze afterwards, which requires a secondary polishing step to refine the finish. For your follow-up / secondary polishing process afterwards, we recommend using the Rupes Yellow Foam Polishing Pads with either Rupes DA Fine Polish, or Sonax Perfect Finish.

For best results, team with a high quality compound like the Rupes DA Coarse Compound, or Jescar Correcting Compound. Set the speed on your Rupes Bigfoot polisher to 4.5, apply 3 pea-sized drops of compound, and keep your working area small (roughly shoulder-width, by equal height). Using medium pressure, work 2 sets left and right with 2 sets up and down, overlapping each pass.

On a normal sized car, expect to use about 6-8, 5" pads, and about the same amount of 3” pads to achieve best results. At the end of the day fully clean out the pad with water and an All-Purpose Cleaner (APC). Work with a light brush until water rinses out clear. Spin-out as much water in the pad as you can by attaching the pad to the machine, put the head of the machine into a bucket, and then turn it on. Once most of the water is out, place the pads (preferably) on a wire rack in a clean environment so it can fully dry before storing away for next use.

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