The Rag Company Ultra Clay Scrubber

The Rag Company Ultra Clay Scrubber

The Rag Company

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The Rag Company Ultra Clay Scrubber - 2 Pack

The Ultra Clay Scrubber from The Rag Company combines claying and scrubbing in a single, handy tool! The dual-sided Scrubber allows for fast, easy and effective removal of bugs, paint contaminants and more.

Use it as a stand-alone clay bar with proper lubrication or in your wash bucket to assist with bug removal during a wash. The dual-sided construction combines a synthetic clay surface on one side with a safe bug removal/scrubbing surface on the other. Can also be used for deep cleaning exterior glass.

Best paired with a high lubricity soap or clay lubricant.

Note: Prior to first use, use the clay scrubber on glass with appropriate lubrication.


  • Size: 4" x 6"
  • Qty: 2-Pack