Gyeon Q2M Leather Cleaner Natural

Gyeon Q2M Leather Cleaner Natural

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Gently Clean All Automotive Leather

Specifically formulated for delicate nappa & semi-aniline upholstery in found in many vehicles, Gyeon Leather Cleaner Natural is also suitable for all other modern leather types. An excellent leather cleaner and prep product for leather protectants like Gyeon Leather Coat or Gyeon Leather Shield. Additionally, Gyeon Leather Cleaner Natural works incredibly well on synthetic leather seats that are popular on a lot of new cars today. At Esoteric, we like to use Gyeon Leather Coat on the numerous Tesla's that we service, using it to thoroughly clean the Vegan Leather that most Teslas come with.

Gyeon Leather Cleaner Natural doesn’t contain any softening additives and doesn’t leave any residue that could possibly interfere with a quality quartz coating. Leather Cleaner leaves a fully matte finish and is suitable for all modern types of leather, being gentle yet effective. It might be used also on coated leather, not removing the coating and gently cleansing the surface.


  1. Vacuum upholstery before cleaning
  2. In the case of light contamination or for daily maintenance, spray on a microfiber cloth and wipe gently
  3. In the case of stronger contamination, spray on a small area and clean with a quality leather brush
  4. Remove all remaining residue with a high quality microfiber towel

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