The Detail Supply THE CERAMIC LIGHT Coating

The Detail Supply THE CERAMIC LIGHT Coating

Kamikaze Collection

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Detail Supply Ceramic Light
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The Best 2 Year Ceramic Coating - Easy to Apply!

Reliable performance at an affordable price!

Characterized by an enjoyably easy application process, CERAMIC LIGHT is a new Ceramic Coating from Kamikaze-Collection that can be applied to not only paint, but smooth plastic surfaces, headlights & tail lights as well.

With an 12-24 month durability expectation when well-maintained, CERAMIC LIGHT is an excellent multi-surface ceramic coating in an economical and easy to use format.

Maintain with Kamikaze Collection Quick Detailer or Kamikaze Collection Over Coat 5.2 to elevate the performance of the base coating to exceptional levels with regards to looks, self-cleaning/anti-fouling and hydrophobic performance.

* CERAMIC LIGHT is a member of Kamikaze Collection's THE DETAIL SUPPLY lineup, products which they use regularly in their studio and have found to provide the best performance value per price.

Instructions for Applying THE CERAMIC LIGHT Ceramic Coating

Start with a clean, dry surface that has no wax or sealants on it. Use Kamikaze Anti-Aging Cleansing to fully strip the surface prior to coating if necessary.

  • While polishing the surface first is not necessary, it is recommended to bring out the best looks in the finish.
  • Shake the bottle thoroughly.
  • Start with top surfaces first, and work panel by panel, applying and removing (i.e. hood, roof, trunk, fender, door, etc).
  • Using the dropper top in the bottle or a pipette, apply a fair amount of product onto your applicator surface.
  • in straight line motions, apply a thin layer to the surface with slight overlapping passes.
  • The coating will quickly 'rainbow' as it begins to flash/cure.
  • Let the coating set on the surface for 3-5 minutes, then remove residue using 2 different towels; we like the Eagle Edgeless 300 for initial wipe, and the Eagle Edgeless 350 for the secondary wipe. Keep the towels separate as you use one for the first wipe, then the other for the follow-up wipe. Ensure that you get ALL residue / dark patches off of the surface. Very little pressure is needed during this process, as the residue should come off easily. If it becomes sticky and/or difficult to remove, reduce the time between application and removal.
  • Once you're finished, thoroughly inspect the vehicle (use a flashlight!) to make sure there are no dark spots remaining. Once this dries / cures, it can only be removed via machine polishing.
  • Work out of direct sunlight, preferably in a garage. Do not apply in temperatures below about 50 degrees. During very high temperatures / humidity, reduce the amount of time between application and removal.
  • If you should allow the product to sit on the surface too long, it will become tacky / sticky. If this happens, apply more product right over top if it, and immediately remove.
  • Let the coating dry / cure for at least 24 hours before allowing it to get wet. The longer it stays dry the better, as it will continue to cure for about 5 days (you CAN drive the car during this time). We recommend that you don't wash the car for about a week afterwards.


  • 20ml - Enough for a single, average-sized vehicle
  • 100ml - Suitable for use on 5-6 average-sized vehicles

Note - No applicators or pipettes/droppers are included with THE CERAMIC LIGHT; it is shipped as a single bottle with no other accessories. A standard dropper top is pre-installed in the bottle.

Important Notes

  • Once the bottle of coating is opened, the curing process begins, even if you put the cap back on tightly. Once opened, you should use the coating within one month's time.
  • Please be sure to use all coatings as soon as you can from the time you receive them.
  • All coatings have a limited shelf life due to the chemical nature of how they crystallize. Look to use coatings within 4-6 months of receiving them (less if bottle is opened).

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