The Rag Company Ultra Air Blaster Plus

The Rag Company Ultra Air Blaster Plus

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The Rag Company Ultra Air Blaster Plus

Combining the power of air & liquid, the Ultra Air Blaster Plus effortlessly lifts dirt while deep cleaning the underlying surface. Able to be used at any angle due to its weighted intake tube, easily clean side panels, roofs or under the dash with ease. Utilizing the mixing valve to control the liquid-to-air ratio, adapting the tool to each job's needs is a breeze!

The Ultra Air Blaster Plus includes 2 trumpets; a standard trumpet for wide, even dispersal of pressure and a bristle-cone trumpet when more scrubbing power is required. The graduated reservoir makes for easy mixing/dilution of your cleaning solution.

NOTE: We recommend using the Ultra Air blaster with a larger air compressor (minimum of 20 gallons) to ensure you don't run out of compressed air.


  • Satin Black Painted Finish
  • Chemical Resistant Plastic Chamber
  • Weighted Chemical Pickup Tube (360 Degree Spray)
  • Extra Storage Lid for Plastic Chamber
  • 4cfm@90psi
  • Free Rotation Speed: 8000RPM-12000RPM
  • Air Consumption: 120L-200L/min
  • Liquid Consumption: 3L-3.7L/hr
  • Input Pressure: 6-8 bar
  • Air outlet connect: US standard
  • 1000ml bottle with extra storage lid
  • 1/4" NPT fitting

SAFETY TIP: We strongly recommend the use of a quality respirator when spraying anything other than water through the ULTRA AIR Spray Applicator

WARNING: Do Not Use With Silicone-Based Products; Use Only With Water-Based Products